My Book List for 2013

I think it's fun to keep a book list for the year and then look back over it after the year is complete and see how many I was actually able to read. (Here's my list from 2012.)

Here's my bucketlist for twenty thirteen:

I actually just finished reading On a Wing and a Prayer (the story of Nate Saint) to the kids and it was soooo good. Couldn't wait to finish it...but then felt sad when we were done. I want to read more to the kids from this series.

I have sort of some bad habits when it comes to reading. As in, sometimes I don't finish a book for awhile but come back to it in spurts (or seasons of life)...all the while reading several books at once. I suppose that way different books fit my reading mood at the time. That being said, I'm in the middle of the following books:

And I'd like to start reading these books:

I'm sure I'll come up with a few more books along the way, but this is it for now!

The kids have their own little reading series they're working through as you can see in the picture above...The Chronicles of Narnia!

For more books suggestions, check out the Recommended Reading section in Purposeful Homemaking's store.

What are some must-read books that you suggest?

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cajliner said...

Wow, Carlee is reading Chronicles of Narnia!!! That's amazing!!!

Becky @ purposefulhomemaking.com said...

Yes, she is slowly working her way through it. I think she's about 3/4 done. She wanted to be like her big brother. :)

cajliner said...

That's great!!

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