How to Make a Kleenex Holder {Easy Sewing Project for Kids}

We are super blessed to have a lady from church in our lives on a weekly basis. She has been such a blessing to our kids and me. They love spending time with her and she, with them!
One of the great things that has come about from having her over is that she has spent some time sewing with our daughter. Our daughter LOVES to sew, but unfortunately, that's not something her mom is too good at!
Having this woman come alongside our daughter to teach her this skill brought a sigh of relief to me because it just felt like she was filling in a gap that I felt was missing in part of our daughter's education. (Yes, our daughter is young, but at age 6, she's not too young to learn a creative and productive skill like this.)
The sewing project they worked on was making Kleenex holders for the small travel pack sizes. It is a fantastic project for kids because it is fun, simple and can be easily completed within a short amount of time.

Our son wanted to join in as well so he got to practice sewing on a button. :)

To Make a Kleenex Holder, Here is What You Will Need:
  • felt of various colors cut into 6"x7" pieces
  • Buttons (large look great, but use your imagination!)
  • various colors of embroidery floss
  • pins to hold your felt in place while you sew

After you cut your felt to size, you will want to sew your button on next. Just be sure to sew it only to the outside flap as seen above, rather than all the way through the two layers of felt. :)

Once the button is sewn on, fold the felt flush together leaving the open slit in the middle. Pin down the sides. Choose a coordinating piece of embroidery floss and leaving about 1/4" inseam, sew the flaps down on each end. And you're done!

This is a great project that our daughter has been able to do on her own once she was taught the basics and they make for great Christmas presents that your child can take pride in making for others!

What are some fun and easy sewing projects that you would recommend? Leave your ideas or links in the comments below!
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