Exposing My Fears

I've struggled with fear for as far back as I can remember. As I grew, my fears became more "rational" than my childhood fears and instead grew into fear of what others thought of me, fear of traveling, fear of something happening to my kids or to my husband, fear of something happening to me and even a fear of success (I used to think that was weird but I've since realized I'm not the only that has feared this).

But one day, fear of disease was what helped me to make the right choice for my family and me. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of my fear journey but rather just gave me new things to fear. I then became afraid to tell others about what I had found because I was afraid they would think I was "one of them", afraid they would find me annoying when I posted about it on social media, afraid that people would say no when I shared it with them, afraid that people wouldn't like me, afraid that what I was doing wouldn't help my own health (even though clinical studies back it up) and that the skeptics would be right.

Thankfully, God has helped me work on fear in my life, and while I've grown in that area, I suspect it will always be a bit of a struggle for me. But I'm here to tell you, that fear is from the Enemy. He wants us to live in fear so we don't experience the peace, joy, love and laughter that God wants to fill our lives with. And I have no doubt he wants me to fear sharing with you.

John 10:10 says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

Christ came to give us spiritual life and to set us free from the chains of fear. My identity needs to be found in Christ. And while I still struggle with fear, I am no longer a slave to it because Jesus has set me free. But now I think Jesus wants me to get over the fear I've carried for the past four years and not let my fear of what people will think about me hinder me from telling them about raw, whole fruits, vegetables and berries that can greatly change their health blueprint. It's not about me anymore. Rather, it's about sharing this simple tool with others because they deserve to know. I realized one day recently that it was completely selfish of me not tell others about vine ripened produce in a capsule because I was afraid. It was their right to know, their right to educate them themselves by reading the clinical research, their right to watch interviews with doctors telling how important this is and their right to decide what to do with the information. What is wasn't was my right to decide for them whether or not they heard. 

Four years ago, because of my fear of disease, I said yes to Juice Plus+ but keep in mind that I had ZERO expectations for it. It just made sense and I knew that it would be healthy for my family. And sometimes you're in a hurry to pick the right thing before you even know all of the reasons why. What I did know is that it meant ditching our man-made multivitamins (even our "healthy ones" and grasping vine ripened produce in a capsule instead that was actually bio-available (fully absorbed into the bloodstream) and had research that said it did so. Not to mention, all of that was for less than what we would pay at the grocery store and with the only effort requiring opening a bottle and dumping a few capsules into my hand rather than juicing 30 different fruits, vegetables and berries every day. Even if I could do that, I know they aren't vine ripened unless I grew all 30 (not gonna happen),  and they certainly weren't tested 7 times from seed to capsule. And bonus, they had research to back them up! I really, really love the science behind nutrition so if you want to look at the different clinical studies, you'll love this resource!

But remember that in the beginning I had zero expectations? 

I had no idea that my acne would FINALLY go away after years. That my son's extreme eczema on his hands would clear up. That the perpetual sickness cycle that our kids, husband and I faced (that would cause stress, co-pays, worry, and sleepless nights) would be greatly diminished, (I have 6 kids so they still get sick sometimes BUT what a blessing to give them a nutritional reserve and hopefully keep them out of the doctor's office and off of meds), that I would have no more bleeding during my last two pregnancies, my son would stop taking his daily allergy medicine, that our family would go from barely buying any produce at all to now actually wanting to eat it, that the arthritis would go away in my thumb, that my chronic anxiety/feelings of hopelessness/struggles with depression gone, that my PPD (Post-partum depression) would be gone, that my unhealthy food cravings would be gone, that our energy would go up and so much more. Not to mention, everything taking place on a cellular level that I couldn't even see. 

But here I am, four years in and couldn't be more grateful for the nearly 40 clinical studies that back JP+ up (#36 is my favorite!), that it is respected by institutions such as Oxford, Vanderbilt, MD Anderson and one of my favorites is that it carries an NSF certification. My heart said yes to Juice Plus+ before my brain did but I'm so glad that now I have the wisdom and experience of both behind our decision. When I said yes to produce in a capsule I had no idea the life changing effects it would have on me physically, mentally and financially, but I am thankful over, and over and over again for God in His kindness using other people in my life to share this product with me.

God's been doing an overhaul on my heart in the area of Juice Plus+ and my role in it. I now see it as a ministry to help others live healthier lives but also, joining arms with other Mommas who want to make a difference in their family's financial footprint as well. It truly is amazing that I GET to do both! I can see now that God uses my desire to educate and to help others in this business. Anyone can do this but my heart's passion is for other Mommas who want to change their family from the inside out and to help give them the same vehicle God gave me to do so. 

One of the things I love best about my Juice Plus+ business is the stories!! I love hearing other Mommas share how Juice Plus+ has helped their child rebuild their immune system after cancer treatments took it away, I love hearing a woman share that she is the first grandmother in her family because the disease that claimed the lives of those before her did not overcome her, I love hearing how much energy people have, I love hearing that families are not sick as often, how allergies are gone, and how one individual was so extremely ill with no solution from the doctors to now thriving!

All of this is because others cared enough to share with me and my husband and I took a chance on making this change to help our family. I now realize what a tremendous gift I've been given and I want to steward that gift well by loving the people that God brings across my path. With God at work in my heart and life, this business is built on prayer and He receives ALL of the glory!

So why did it take me 4 years of eating JP+ before I finally blogged about it? Fear. Plain and simple, but I'm no longer a slave to that fear and I know for sure the Enemy doesn't want people to live healthy, happy lives. He wants us to be miserable, sick and dying. God sent His Son to give us spiritual life but I also know that the food HE made is here to serve us physically and mentally. When we know better, we do better and when we do better, we feel better.

My family and I have been on JP+ for four years and for a good portion of that time I wasn't super familiar with the clinical studies or how healthy food can turn our good genes on and our bad genes off but now that I am, it cements for me WHY this was a good choice. I'm so, so grateful that God brought Juice Plus+ into our lives AND that I said yes to the business opportunity because it has connected me with amazing people who have the same vison and mission that I do, it connects me to customers who send me messages telling me how good they feel and that they just can't believe the change, it allows me as a stay at home, homeschooling mom to have an outlet that energizes me, fuels me and makes me feel so, so happy about helping other people feel better (and quite frankly, look better, too--my hair is no longer limp and thin, my skin is smooth, my acne is gone, my energy is better now than in my 20s and 30s, and my wrinkles are lessening!!!). God's food does amazing things but we just need to eat it. It's impossible for me afford the number of servings of produce daily that our family needs let alone have the time to prepare it. JP+ makes it possible for me to have both. 

If this all makes sense to you, would you please reach out to me? I'm here to serve you. My prayer is that God would send people to me who need Juice Plus+ to change their lives from a wellness perspective but also from a financial perspective. You can choose how it best fits in your life.

I can't help but wonder with Christmas being a week away who needs this gift in their life? Thank you for taking the time to read and learn. I hope it has helped you!

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