Christmas Devotional for Children

As my children get older (currently 5, 3, and 14 months) I am realizing that I need to be purposeful in my pursuit of teaching them the true meaning of Christmas.
There is so much fun during the Christmas season and there is nothing wrong with that!

But, at the same time, I don't want them to lose focus of why we have Christmas (or miss the opportunity to teach them about Christ as we are doing the normal things of life like celebrating holidays.)

This past week I came across a Christmas Devotional for Children. I just started working through it with my two oldest children and they are enjoying the little book they make that goes along with it.

It is a devotional that can be used year after year. And with that, more spiritual truth will be understood by your children as they become older. As you know, I've talked before about having Christmas traditions with our family. I think I just found a new one!

Here's what it's about:

"Looking for a way to keep focused on Christ this Christmas season? Need a fun devotional your whole family will love? Jesus--The Promised One is a Christmas devotional designed to start December 1st and finish Christmas Eve. The devotional traces God's plan of salvation from the very beginning of time, laying the groundwork for Jesus' birth and explaining the foundations of the Christian faith in a simple way even a child can grasp. This Christmas season, watch God's plan unfold and realize anew the importance of Jesus' birth."

I know we're already a couple days into December but you could play catch up and get started on this with your family. You can order the e-book to get started even quicker. If you're interested in getting a copy check it out here.

Click here for sample pages.

Update 12/22/2010: I have been doing this devotional each day with our children and they LOVE it! Every morning they remind me to "do the Christmas devotional!" As for age appropriateness, my 3 year old listens well and colors while I read the devotional and she is learning, but it could be used for probably up to age 10 because they can put more into the book they make and will obviously have a deeper learning capacity. This is a great investment!

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