Topical Devotions for Pregnancy

Topical Devotions for Pregnancy: 13 Devotionals to Nourish Your Soul

This eBook is an outpouring of God’s goodness and grace in my life as He brought me through 5 pregnancies, one of which ended in miscarriage. The verses I chose to include are ones that God specifically used to minister to me over the past 9 years through those pregnancies.

I have shared with you things that God has taught me from His Word and I pray that God would take my meager offering of words and multiply the depth and richness of His Word in your heart.

Motherhood has stretched me, broken me, and shown me how desperate I am for the goodness of God in my life.

To be called to motherhood is a call to disciple children who are entrusted to our care. They belong to God and we are given the task of nurturing them, clothing them, feeding them, loving them and ultimately helping point them to Christ.

We will never be perfect in our mothering, but God’s grace is sufficient and is all we need to be the mom He called us to be.

Ultimately, this compilation of devotions outlines my journey with the Good Shepherd and how He held my hand and helped me to not fear evil. I pray that it will bless and encourage you and that the “words of Christ, in all their richness, [will] live in your hearts and make you wise.” Colossians 3:16 NLT

A Little About the Structure of Topical Devotions for Pregnancy

I chose specific verses or passages of Scripture that God used to encourage me during my pregnancies. I then wrote a devotional based on that passage of Scripture.
At the end of each devotional I have included a prayer based on that particular passage. These are simply verses chosen from the specific passage that we can pray back to God. God’s Word is pure and powerful and an excellent guide for prayer.

I also listed additional verses that relate to each particular devotional. This will help you get started in looking up more verses on your own.
My desire is that you would be encouraged by reading these devotionals and that your heart would be stirred to give praise and adoration to our great Redeemer. He is worthy of all our praise!
What Others Are Saying

"Topical Devotions for Pregnancy is a beautifully written and well thought-out devotional to carry you through your pregnancy. Becky provides you with an abundance of Scripture references and personal experience relevant to so many aspects of your journey. The tools she provides you with will help you to take your fears, concerns and also praises to the Lord, where she shows you that through Him alone you can find reassurance and rest. This is a God-glorifying devotional that I would highly recommend not only to the expecting mother, but I believe would also be a blessing to any mother raising young children." Leah P.
"I love this eBook! It's founded in rich, sweet Scripture that brings our hearts to the throne of the One who made us and our growing babies. I dealt with and struggled in each of these areas at various times during my three pregnancies. The topics are perfect for guiding our hearts and minds to a place of perfect peace as we rest in God's Word, His goodness and faithfulness for our pregnancy, birth, babies and families." Bethany S.

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