Inspirational Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen

Guest writer, Maggie Baker

Even though the modern family is often on the go, the kitchen is still one of the more lived-in spaces in many people’s homes. Morning routines are often started in the kitchen and home-cooked meals wrap up the average day. If you are itching for a new kitchen look but don’t have enough time or a big enough budget for a full-blown remodel, here are a few easy ideas for updating and redecorating to give your kitchen a whole new aesthetic. The following kitchen decor tips mix and match well so you can draw from whatever inspires you.


Berkey Water Filtration Systems and How to Check Your Water's Contamination Levels

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I'm seeing a shift in our culture towards living a more natural lifestyle and I think it's great! More and more people are concerned about what they put on their bodies as well as in them. If you're on a journey towards a wellness lifestyle, then clean water really needs to be at the top of your list. Our family has found that having a Berkey Filter is an excellent choice for clean water. It's a gift that we don't take lightly and we've been able to enjoy Berkey filtered water for the past 7 years now. 


Online Creative Writing Course for Homeschool Students

As promised in my previous post, I want to share about our experience using an online novel creative writing program for our family.

Last school year, our two oldest children had the opportunity to take an online creative writing novel class and it was such an amazing experience for both of them! While the process stretched them, I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. It was such a fun and satisfying experience for them to write and publish their own book. 


Online Art Class Options for Homeschoolers

As a homeschool mom, I believe that one of my roles is to help our children discover they're own unique God-given talents and passions and to help nurture them. I love the flexibility that homeschooling provides because it allows us to address weaknesses in our children's education but to focus on their strengths. 

Two of our six children LOVE art. I mean, absolutely love it. While our one child is still young (6 years old) and it's still hard to tell yet where he's going with it, our daughter is 12 and it is quite evident that God has given her both talent AND a passion for it.

Carlee, age 11

For the past 3 years we have utilized Meg Navarro from Megapixels for online art classes for our family. (We've also used her for writing classes but I'll save that for another post.)


Habitat Schoolhouse Curriculum Review

One of the literature based mini-units I do with my kids is based around the book Blueberries for Sal. It is a timeless literary treasure and one that I have read to my children each year around August or September because that’s when blueberries are ready for picking in our area.   

In some years past we have gone to a blueberry farm about an hour away to pick our own blueberries. It’s fun to read the book on our way and to celebrate every “kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk” as we begin to fill our pails. Of course, there’s always a “little Sal” nearby to taste the berries to make sure they are good enough to eat. We arrive home tired from all the picking but happy with our bounty.

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