Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY Plant Based Easter Egg Dyes

The kids love decorating Easter eggs every year but this year I saw an idea in the Family Fun Magazine for plant based dyes and knew I had to try it.

It was pretty easy to do and I was able to use some of the leftovers for one of our family's favorite recipes, Cabbage "Un"rolls from Keep Crockin’: A Poorganic Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Here's what you do...

Step 1: Hard boil your eggs

Place eggs in a pan of cold water. Bring to a boil and then let them simmer for 15 minutes. Drain the hot water and run cold water over the eggs for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Make Your Dyes (see below)

Here are your options: Blue from purple cabbage, yellow from turmeric, orange from yellow onion skins, pink from beets and green when you do an egg in yellow and then blue.

Step 3: Soak the eggs until you reach the desired color

Step 4: Remove eggs from dye and place on a wire rack to dry

How to Make the Dyes:


Add 6 T of turmeric and 1 T white vinegar to 4 cups of hot water and stir until dissolved.


Place one head of purple cabbage in 4 cups of boiling water. Stir in 1 T of white vinegar and simmer for 25 minutes. Remove the cabbage with a slotted spoon.


Add the skins of 6 yellow onions to 3 c. boiling water. Stir in 1 T of white vinegar and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the peels. For this color I saved my onions skins over a few days prior to dyeing the eggs.


Place 4-6 beets in 4 cups of boiling water and add 1 T of white vinegar. Simmer for 25 minutes. Remove the beets with a slotted spoon.


The old mix some yellow with blue trick! Just place an egg that's been dyed yellow into the blue dye for a bit and you'll get green. :)

I've seen lots of other ideas out there too for natural dyes. What are some that you have tried?

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Online Proofreading Program

Grammarly is a unique online proofreading program that gives a whole new meaning to the term "Grammar Police". Simply insert a paragraph (or more) of text that you need proofread and let Grammarly do all of the work.
I recently submitted a portion of my soon-to-be-released ebook, Topical Devotions for Pregnancy into Grammarly and it quickly pointed out some areas that needed to be worked on--and that was after I proofread it numerous of times. You can see in the picture below that I had "4 Critical Writing Issues." Yikes!
I can see how a program like this would be beneficial to students  (and bloggers) of all ages to help them fine tune their writing assignments. If you are interested, there is a free 7 Day Trial to check out the program.
Be sure to use Grammarly for online proofreading because punctuation saves lives! :)

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Upcycling Old Crayons


Written by Charissa, Contributing Writer

My mom says that I can pinch a penny ‘til it squeals. I’ve always taken this as quite a compliment! But my frugality is not just about saving money, I just really hate wasting things. If I paid for it, stored it, cared for it, used it and enjoyed it, I’ll keep it until it just will not be able to function anymore.

I won’t run out and buy another food processor because the new one on the market can also fold my socks (do I really need a sock folder?). I also won’t buy an electric version of something when I already own the mechanical version of that same thing, nor will I throw away scraps of paper, twist ties, bread bags, Pringles cans or broken crayons. I like to repurpose these little odd ball items, or just give them some attention so that they can find new life in our home.

Much of homemaking is about stewardship. From the twist ties to the souls of my children, I’ve got a lot to manage and the Lord expects me to manage it all in a manner worthy of a servant to the King.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much,” seems menial to consider the scraps, but it’s my calling to be faithful in all that I’m given. Joseph was a prisoner and then he was second to no one but Pharaoh all because of his faithful service to the Lord worked out through his diligent service and stewardship.

So, how did I tie in our lesson about Joseph being a good steward to us being good stewards with what we have around our house? Let me introduce...

Molten Crayon Madness

Today, we tackled the crayon bin. Here is a fun, hands on, kid friendly project that my son and I worked on. First we sorted out the crayons that were still in good shape and moved them out of harm’s way.

Then we unwrapped all the remaining snapped crayons and broke them up into bitty pieces, between ¼ inch and 1 inch in length. I used a mini-muffin tin and I’m sure there are other low temp baking pans or trays that would work as well.

We dropped out broken crayon bits into the muffin cups and tried to fill them completely. We made some with similar color schemes, putting blues and greens in one cup, but sometimes we mixed completely clashing colors in the same cup, giving us a variety of crayon pucks in the end.

I also thought it would be fun to stick a dime or two in the batch to make these discs a bit more interesting to my 6 year old boy. He’s not much of a colorer so I thought I’d give him a bit of incentive, not to mention it had a more “sciency” feel this way. BUT it’s also a good reminder of how we were good stewards of what God gave us and that He rewards those that are faithful with little.

Once we had cannibalized all of the crayons, we heated the oven to 225 degrees F and baked them for about 25 minutes, at this point, they became beautiful molten wax, just starting to swirl in the heat.

I pulled them from the oven, let them cool and within 15-20 minutes they were firm enough to pop out of the pan. I did not have to prep the pan in any way. When the wax cools completely, it will contract from the side of the pan and with very little coaxing, pop right out of the well.

My boy was as pleased as Picasso with the results and colored more this afternoon than he has in the last 2 months! And now we have an object lesson about stewardship, starting with Joseph’s many colored coat, and ending with multicolored crayons with a reward hidden inside. Have fun!

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About Charissa Ragsdale

Charissa lives in the creative chaos of photography, crochet, cooking, crafting, natural birth advocacy, blogging, homeschooling, gardening, window shopping and since she loves trying out new stuff, it's a sure thing that the list will grow longer in time.

Though there is much joy and fruit in all of this, it comes with it's own Madness and Charissa knows that to get through it, she must depend on the Grace and Mercy of a Creator God whose Love knows no bounds.

Charissa is journaling all of the Madness on her blog Mad Mad me and her hope is that through sharing and showing the work of her hands and the joys and trials of her heart, others will be encouraged to embrace the Beautiful Chaos that comes with Family and learning to Love and Create.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Practical Ways to Equip the Homemaker
If you were to ask me what I thought a homemaker was, I would say it is a woman who oversees the day to day affairs of her home. But just for fun, I looked up the definition of a homemaker on Wikipedia and this is what it says:

[Homemaking] "is the act of overseeing the organizational, day-to-day operations of a house...and the managing of other domestic concerns....Household production has been defined as 'the production of the goods and services by the members of a household, for their own consumption, using their own capital and their own unpaid labor. [It includes] accommodation, meals, clean clothes, and child care. The process of household production involves the transformation of purchased intermediate commodities into final consumption commodities. Households use their own capital and their own labor.'"

That definition of homemaking is incredible! And yet, many of us enter the homemaking profession ill-equipped. Had I known what all went into homemaking, I'm pretty sure I would have started preparing a little better for this calling long before I entered it.

But God is full of grace and He has faithfully led me to excellent resources along the way that have helped equip me in my role as a home manager.

One of the things I love about being a homemaker is that it has allowed me to pursue interests that were stifled prior to becoming a wife and mother.

Some days I feel like I learn more now than I ever did in college simply because the knowledge I am acquiring is usually immediately applicable. I love being challenged by faith-filled women in my life or from the web who help me grow in the areas that most pertain to my calling and interests.

I am passionate about my role as a homemaker and want to help ignite that passion in my readers. That being said, I am thrilled to let you know about an incredible wealth of information that will help encourage and equip you wherever you are on this journey of homemaking.

I have the privilege of being an author in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2014 and in it I am launching my new ebook, Topical Devotions for Pregnancy: 13 Devotions to Nourish Your Soul. For now it is available exclusively in this bundle.

The resources in this bundle are, hands down, INCREDIBLE. Some of my favorite and most-inspiring authors are contributing books or resources to this bundle.

I honestly wish I could gift every one of my readers with this bundle, but thankfully, it's available to everyone at an incredible savings of 95%. For $29.97 you get over $850 worth of resources (that's not including the fabulous bonuses that come with each bundle purchase. Trust me, you will love them.)
It's through deals like this that I better equip myself in the role of homemaking.

I don't have the time or money to take classes outside the home, but I do steal snippets of time to read ebooks or watch tutorials online. This bundle will far surpass your expectations, but if you're not 100% satisfied, there is a 15 day full refund policy (but I'll doubt you'll need to use that!)

I'm not supposed to reveal all of the resources included in the bundle, but let's just say I am super excited about them and feel incredibly blessed to have these resources at my fingertips for such an incredible price.

Investing in a resource like this to help equip you in your homemaking is well worth it. If you spread the cost over one year it's like spending $2.50 a month to help you run your home more efficiently.

What You Need to Know:

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Practical, Helpful Resources for Your Everyday Life

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Jesus, the Light of the World {Plus, a Free Printable!}

I'm contributing today at Coffee for the Soul. Join me there as I write about Jesus, the Light of the World.

Plus, here is a free printable for you to help remind you about who Christ is. Click on the picture to download yours.
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