Fundraiser for My 3 Year Old Nephew

Pryce is my three year old nephew who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2018. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer and requires lengthy and difficult treatments. Pryce has begun chemo and will have several long hospital stays over the next several months. Some wonderful ladies from The Little French Market and DeBella Boutique are joining forces to raise money to help his family with medical expenses during this difficult time. 


Curriculum Review: Constitutional Literacy from Apologia

As part of our son's high school credit requirements we needed to complete a government credit. For awhile I've had my eye on Apologia's Constitutional Literacy course by Michael Farris as what we were probably going to use. This was the year I decided he was ready for us to implement this program into our homeschool curriculum and so far, several of us are benefitting from it!

This course is actually taught at the college level and is a course requirement for all students at Patrick Henry college where the author, Dr. Michael Farris, is the Founder and Chancellor. (You may also recognize his name as the Chairman of The Homeschool Legal Defense Association.)

However, although the course is very thorough and includes in-depth information, it is delivered in a format that makes it easy for the average citizen to understand. I do not have a strong government or constitutional literacy background and I found it intriguing and applicable to my life. I have no doubt that this would have been an excellent course for me to engage in during my high school or college years. When I sat down to review this material, my husband decided to watch some with me as well. After the first lesson, he continued to watch more and said that he thought the material was amazing and that he planned to watch the entire DVD series. I knew this was something he would love. :)


Nature Based Character Development Unit Study: Diligence and the Ant

The idea to do nature based character studies came to me one day while sitting in church. I thought of the many examples that God gives us in Scripture of things that are found in nature that He uses to help shape our character. Probably the most familiar example is the ant in Proverbs 6:6-8. God tells us to take the time to observe the ant and to see how she works. Her very nature is diligence. She doesn’t need someone standing over her telling her what to do. She has initiative and a hardworking spirit. I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of character I want for myself and my family.


Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology: Land Animals of the Sixth Day {Review and GIVEAWAY!}

Our family has used the Apologia Exploring Creation Science series for years now and I haven't found one yet that my kids and I didn't like! This, however, is my first published review of this particular series but feel free to check out my review of Apologia's Writers in Residence program and Readers in Residence Program as well.


Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your Home On a Budget

Guest Writer: Maggie Baker

Some people believe that eco-friendly decorating is unaffordable, but fortunately, that’s not the case. There are countless ways to go green while decorating your home without breaking the bank. Get inspired by these budget-friendly and eco-friendly decorating ideas: 
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