4 Generation Tea Party

For the past several years I have envinsioned having a tea party with both sides of the family and it finally came to fruition a couple weeks ago, thanks to my mother-in-law helping to make it happen.

My mother-in-law hosted the tea party at her home and my sister-in-laws sent out tea cup shaped invitiatons to everyone (that had a spot for a tea bag in it).

I had so much fun the morning of the tea party getting Carlee all dressed up.

Carlee and me ready to head to the tea party!

Carlee was completely dressed for the occasion with her Easter dress
as well as a string of pearls, this purse (made by my mother-in-law), the
gloves my MIL embellished and the matching hair bow she also made for Carlee

It was the absolute perfect tea party! We had 4 generations from each side of the family present!  The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone had such a nice time.

We kept it very simple which I think helped in making it possible for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Everyone brought a finger food or type of tea to share and if they had one, they brought a special tea cup.

The carrot cake cupcakes I made-so fun to do!

My mother-in-law asked my mom to read a short little "tea etiquette for little girls" which was cute and I read an excerpt from "If Teacups Could Talk." Other than that, we simply mingled and enjoyed one another's company. I tried to enjoy each moment and take it all in because it was something I had thought about for so long and it was so wonderful to finally be experiencing those moments I had only previously thought about.

Something that was really special was my sister-in-law's mother-in-law (who flew in with her daughter and grandson from North Carolina) brought a blooming tea that was incredible to watch. It was so beautiful and such a unique experience.

Mim showing the little girls the blooming tea

My sister-in-law's sister-in-law and mother in law who flew in from North Carolina

My sister-in-law Polly and my mother-in-law, Karen
(Polly is graduating from high school this Friday night! Congratulations, Polly!!)

My side of the family

 My husband's side of the family
 My sister (who just got engaged!!!), Mom and me

 Carlee eating an apparently sour piece of pineapple! :)

My mom and me

Carlee and one of her cousins

There were 4 cousins (from both sides) all seated together. They did so well!

The napkin ring and cloth napkins my mother-in-law made for each of the little girls.

This "Mother" teacup was given to me by my mom a couple of years ago

  Some of the other beautiful tea cups

Back at Easter I found these carrot-shaped bubble holders that
I gave the girls as a party favor. Turned out they had a lot
of fun using them that day! :)

It was SUCH a fun little tea party. Some very special memories were made. Thank you for letting me share all of these pictures with you!

Have you ever done a family tea party like this? If so, what are some things you did?

I think this might end up becoming a special tradition for our families. It was so nice to spend time with several generations from both sides of the family at one time. So thankful for such a perfect day!

Update: I found these adorable silicone tea cups you bake cupcakes in. Check them out here!

**Disclosure: This post does contain an affiliate link to my store. :)


rebecca said...

Hi! I was recommended this blog through Ruth Parrish-Ankney. My name is Rebecca and Ruth is my step-mom. I was first introduced to the unique centuries old tradition of tea drinking through a tea room in my neighborhood. She was a Christian lady and we got to know each other well. Since moving from that neighborhood, I've continued learning about teas, plantations, and the history around different cultures and their tea practices. I now advertise for customized tea parties with homemade goodies, sandwiches, soups, lavender lemonade, and, of course, tea. I've mostly been advertising at this point and getting word of mouth out there by having had 3 tea parties thus far. So it is interesting to hear how other people are incorporating tea parties into their lives and the importance of this gentle, relaxing atmosphere to have a chance to be with those we love.

Mama Chocolate said...

This sounds like a blast! All the cousins are a little too young still, but in a year or two, this would be a great event to plan with them!
My brother and sister-in-law have two girls almost the same ages as our two girls, so we'd have plenty of little ladies. ;-) said...

Rebecca, Sorry I couldn't respond sooner. Google wasn't letting me comment on here for the longest time. :(
Anyways, I'd love to hear more about your tea stuff--or even if you want to be featured on PH. Let me know! :)

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