Garage Sale Tips

One of my husband's finds at a garage sale last year was a food dehydrator!

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Going to Garage Sales is one of my favorite things to do because I have found such great deals on things that my family needs. Not only can I get things we need at garage sales, but periodically it can be a way for me to earn a littl extra money by reselling items I find on ebay.

For example, one year, I found some new-in-package panel curtains from Restoration Hardware for $1 a piece. I bought all four with the intention of actually using them in my own home. However, when I got home, I found an ebay receipt in one of the packgaes showing that someone had purchased them for about $200! At the prompting of my friend, I decided to relist them on ebay and thankfully made $180!

Last year I found a mosquito magnet along with the propane tank, tank cover and octenol tablets for only $20. My husband then resold it on ebay for $160. So, keep your eyes open and you just never know what you will find.

Generally I go just to find clothes for our kids and myself (and occasionally I find clothes for my husband). Honestly, a lot of the clothes I've been wearing recently were garage sale finds. I actually dress nicer now since shopping at garage sales than before because my money goes much further this way.

In the past, I used to stick to buying only clothes for our children, but then last year decided I would finally buy some items to start decorating our home. Money was not available for such a luxury before that, but I found some really nice things last year that added an extra touch around the home. I've also found larger items like a patio set (which needs to be replaced this year so it is on the list again!).

It is so exciting when I find a great deal on something we really need and sometimes something that we really want! I'm so appreciative to the Lord for directing me specifically to those items.

Like the black, size 6 snow pants my son needed last year or the "Pink Princess Bike" our daughter really wanted. The bike was a fun find because the kids and I had been out garage saleing and I decided to stop by one more sale and boy, were we glad I did. Low and behold, there was the "Pink Princess Bike" for only $5! It wasn't in mint condition but it wasn't too bad either! (Click here for some other fun finds!)

If you want some tips for going to garage sales, especially if you have children, click on my post here. I think you'll find some helpful information.

Garage Sales can also be a good way to earn some extra cash (so you have money to go check out other garage sales!)

Here are a few tips for having your own sale:

  • Be sure to price everything with the exception of 25 cent boxes and such. It is very frustrating for customers if they have to keep asking you the price of different items. The other items I don't price would be clothing. Rather, I make a sign that says all clothes $1 each unless otherwise marked. Or, you could make a sign that says, "pants $2, sweaters $2, shirts $1." Other than that, everything's priced.
  • Put an ad in the paper or on-line. Ads in the paper are a little pricey, but they generally drive much more traffic than if you just stuck a sign out by the road. On-line ads are usually free.
  • Be sure to have signs up directing people to your sale. They may have found your ad in the paper, but if it's not easy to find your home, they may give up and skip your sale.
  • List big ticket items in your ad to help drive traffic to your sale.
  • Do the sale with friends so you have more stuff to draw people in, company to sit with and someone to split the price of the ad with you.
  • If you have children, remember they are your first priority so keep a close eye on them at sales. It's also nice if they can be involved by selling lemonade or something. (You'd be surprised how much they'll make!)
  • Have fun, don't get sunburned, and make some cash!
  • Remember to donate your items after your sale too for an extra write off. Or, just skip the sale and donate it all!
I hope that gives you some helpful information whether you are going to garage sales or planning to host your own. Have fun!

What are some great finds you have gotten at garage sales?

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Carissa Blanchard said...

I love garage sales! I buy pretty much all our kid's clothes at garage sales (7 children) and mine too! I've been buying gifts at garage sales for years, nobody knows if I don't tell them! :) I host a meme called Garage Sale Treasures if you'd like to link up and share your finds with us!

This is my blog, you'll see the link to the Garage Sale Treasures Post if you're interested! We are a small group of thrifty addicts and would to share our adventure with you!


DWYHomemaking said...

Great Tips for hosting a garage sale! Thanks for linking up at Unwasted Homemaking Party! said...

DWY, Thanks!
Glad to do it--thank YOU! :)

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