This is a great game that really helped C. to understand opposites. Opposites is something you can try to explain, but seeing is believing! This is a game that has a bunch of 2 piece puzzle pieces that the child can match up the opposites. It's from Discovery Toys. It came in the theme kit we got from the library. Love those!

This is a picture of C. with his favorite page from a book about opposites. It was a really cute book.

I took this picture because I asked Carter to read it for me. Of course he said, "I can't." Not that I'm pushing Carter to read by the time he's 4 or anything (update, he was 4 when he started reading), but you can certainly be encouraging print awareness. One thing while you're teaching reading is to teach the child to look for clues in reading. Obviously, an easy clue here was for me to show him that the words are in colors. Since he knows his colors, then he knew what words to "read." It's all about encouraging and like I said, teaching them to look for clues. :)

Not without My Daughter, Part 2 (see :)
Personally, I think it looks like she's wearing a head wrap, here. Her daddy did this to her. I thought it was hilarious when she came in the kitchen like this!

One of the many wonderful theme kits. Yes, safety first...


velvet said...

that is too cute :) she is getting so big! your kids are at such fun ages. and i love the colors page with the letters in each color - we do that, too :) your preschool at home sounds so fun - i wish we lived near each other so we could do some fun homeschool stuff together!

Becky said...

i know, i was cracking up when she wheeling in on her little horse like that. it's buzz lightyear stuff. :)
yah, that'd be great to do homeschool stuff together. i am really glad we have the blogs though b/c that helps out!!! :)

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