Christmas Countdown

Here is a really simple countdown you can do if you don't want to do the countdown chain that I have mentioned. We're going to do both ideas because this one is more on the preschool level for Carlee. Or, maybe I'll do one for each of the kids and they can hang it on their bedroom door. http://www.earlylearningactivities.com/PDF/treecountdownc.pdf

Here's a list of ideas for your countdown chain. We start ours the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

29. decorate tree
28. make nativity (I picked up a cheap one at Joann's)
27. watch a Christmas movie
26. sing Christmas songs to an elderly person
25. dress up in a costume for dinner
24. paint
23. make a tree craft
22. have a candy cane
21. Christmas party with family
20. do a flannel graph story
19. eat a special snack
18. sing Christmas songs with Dad around the piano
17. take cookies to the neighbors
16. go for a walk
15. have a friend over
14. make a reindeer craft
13. play with the nativity set
12. paint an ornament (o.k. my kids want to do this every day--and they do!)
11. call daddy at work and say "thanks for working so hard for our family. We love you!"
10. make a crown craft
 9. trip to McDonald's (or something you don't ordinarily do)
 8. eat dinner in front of the fireplace (even if it's fake like ours) :)
 7. bake cookies and eat them while we go look at Christmas lights. (new idea is to leave a note with a candy bar at the house that you like the best telling them how great their lights are)

 6. play with playdough
 5. play dress up with mom
 4. call Great grandma and grandpa and sing a Christmas song
 3. do a new puzzle together (got ours at the $1 store)
 2. go to Christmas Eve Service
 1. Read Luke 2 and open Christmas presents

The above picture is my friend's way cuter version!

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