What Motivates Me?

Well, I'm glad you asked. :) Lately, I've been trying new things. For example, like making my own croutons and making my own laundry detergent. Don't worry, I'll post the recipes so you can too, if you want.

I find myself thinking a lot about why I do some of the things I do. I mean, after all, wouldn't it be easier to just buy croutons or laundry detergent at the store? Well, I guess. Except that, I still have to take the time to go to the store to buy it. Plus, if I run out of it, bummer! However, if I make my own, I'll most likely have those ingredients already on hand. So, in the long run it probably doesn't really take more time to make my own. Granted, I could buy the natural stuff at Whole Foods, but that's not gonna work for us right now! And even if I had the money to buy it there, I think I'd rather spend my money on something else anyways. :)

I'd say the initial reason I have started doing these things like making baby wipes, croutons and laundry detergent to name a few (and soon...I'm going to do dishwashing detergent) is to save money. If you've followed on here long, you know I like to save money and make this crazy budget thing work! So, I'm always on the lookout for easy changes to save us money. 

However, in the pursuit of saving money, I know it's better for our health in the long run as well. For example, laundry detergent has tons of nasty things in it. Granted, most of us don't see an immediate affect from using it, but what's not to say there won't be some affects from it down the road? Am I worried about all the years I've used store bought laundry detergent? Not in the least. If I can make small changes though that are better for our health and our budget, then I will. And remember, my goal should be trying to live healthier so that we can serve the Lord more effectively. Besides, it's no fun being sick whether it be from chronic illness or cancer!

So, for example, not using fabric softener anymore is a result of saving money but it's also a way to live healthier. Instead, I just use vinegar. Works great, helps clean and soften my clothes, cleans my washing machine while I'm using it and it doesn't even make our clothes smell like a pickle! :)

So you see, though my initial reason for making these things was to save money, I'm finding that getting back to those basics is really better for us anyways.

What are some natural "recipes" that you use? Please share!

I hope that you enjoy this blog and will become a follower. Thanks for reading!

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