Garden Unit Art Project

We are finishing up our garden unit and this past week we read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. It has always been a favorite book of mine.

To go along with this book I decided we would do an art project. Perhaps you've noticed I don't post a lot of kids' art projects on here...that would be because art is definitely not my strong suite! BUT, this project is fun and easy and it is based on the style of art that Eric Carle's uses in his books.

The first step was to paint the construction paper. I found a bag of sponge paintbrushes clearanced at JoAnn's recently and the kids used these to spread the paint all over the page. (You simply want the whole page to be painted in whatever color(s) you choose.) The sponge paintbrushes work better than a regular paintbrush because they paint much more quickly (so as to avoid frustration!).

After the pages were dried, I drew the flower parts for the kids on the painted paper and they cut out each individual piece of the flower.

Then they used glue sticks to glue each piece of the flower onto another sheet of construction paper.

 Carlee's finished project!

The kids LOVED this project. It was messy enough to satisfy them, but not too messy that I was losing my mind. :)

What are some fun but easy art projects you've done with your kids?


Rose said...

I love this. We are spending a few weeks focusing on seeds, plants and flowers and this looks like a really fun addition to our line up of activities.

Becky @ said...

Let me know how it goes! :)

Dana said...

We love Eric Carle, but I don't think I've seen this book! I'll have to get it for Ethan - he would love this little artist! :)

Becky @ said...

I like the book Dana--but I love all of the Eric Carle books (well, almost all-I haven't read a couple of them, but most of them, I think!) :) I'm sure Ethan would enjoy doing this! (oh, and you're Dana now? Not Jim?) :)

Selina said...

That looks like such a fun project! I've actually never seen this book, but I love Eric Carle's work! I'll have to search for it now!

And by the way, I gave your blog an award! You can read about the award here:

Becky @ said...

I have a link to order it Selina on my post if that helps. Thanks so much for the award-so thoughtful! :)

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