Annual Family Vacation

A few weeks back I wrote a post about our Annual Extended Family Vacation that generally takes place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.'s that time of year again so I won't be posting for a few days while I enjoy some time with family.

Feel free to say a prayer for us for safety as we travel and also for the health of all of us as we'll be gone. I'd especially appreciate prayer for our youngest, Caleb, as he has recently developed a peanut allergy and it's a bit stressful to me to think about eating in different environments. (Do any of you deal with peanut allergic children? If so, feel free to send me any helpful information. Thanks!)

As a result of his allergy, I am packing all of our meals, but you never know what/or whom he might come in contact with since he also reacts from someone touching him and I think even eating it near him (we had one incident where I believe that was the case).

In fact, last night we were at a wedding and he had a CRACKER that had peanut oil in it (we found out after the fact...) and he had a reaction. God graciously took care of him, but I really don't want any incidents like that while we're far from home and sometimes far from an urgent care. That being said, I would REALLY appreciate any prayers on our behalf while we're gone.  Thanks so much!

Have a great weekend. I'll post pictures when I get back! :)

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