Crossing off the Summer List

We can now cross snowball fight off our list of summer activites. Yes, you read that right. :) The kids had fun throwing snow at each other on a nice warm sunny day last week.

I saved a couple large ziploc bags of snow last winter in our deep freezer for a fun surprise on a hot summer day. Here are some pictures. :)

FUN times as a mom with my kids! :)


Mama Chocolate said...

How fun! I remember one of my brothers saving up a big snowball in our freezer for months and months to pull out later for a good surprise. ;-)

You're a pretty cool mom to have thought of doing that! :-)

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

well, your sweet Johanna, but I didn't come up w/the idea. :) Although it is fun to do so you'll have to try it some day! :)

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