Garden Challenge

HSV Garden Challenge

Our garden is coming along well (I think, anyway)! The tomatoes are starting to grow (although still green), the cucumbers plants are getting big and I've already picked some of our lettuce varieties for a salad.

The zucchini and summer squash I'm not too sure about...the plants still seem small (although some are starting to get blossoms) and the plants seem a bit yellow. Any suggestions? I really, really would love these plants to produce a lot since I love to fry them in summer stir-frys and I usually freeze a lot of shredded zucchini for bread in the fall and winter.

We've had some pests eating the leaves on our green pepper plants, but not too much--yet.

We've had the cutest little bunny show up, however, I really want him to stay out of the garden. He's only been in once (that I know of). Since we found him in there, we've done a couple things to keep him out and I guess they're working since I've only seen him nibbling on clover in the back yard now.

The first thing we did to keep "Peter" out of the garden was to line the border of the garden with marigold plants (which makes the garden look pretty anway!). Their scent is supposed to help keep the rabbits away. Then, after I gave the family haircuts I spread the hair throughout the garden. Lastly, I shredded a bar of soap mostly around the perimeter, but a little bit throughout the garden as well. Hope it all works to keep any pesky rabbits out!'s a recent picture of the garden. :)

How are your gardens coming along? Having any troubles? If so, what are you doing to resolve them?

3 comments: said...

Will stop by yours too. :)

GraceYves said...

It's looking great! We had a really cold spell that really did a number on our zucchini plants (we eat a lot of it too) and about half our beans. I'm not sure what I can do about them now. The peas we planted later are thriving though, hurray! said...

Thanks! :) So sorry about your zucc plants and beans. :( You never know how it's gonna go w/a garden! Our peas our growing well too (but no pea pods yet!)

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