How to Store Your Kids' Clothes They've Outgrown

Getting my home organized is a continual process for me and not something I suspect I'll ever be completely done with. Well, maybe someday when I'm retired and not homeschooling, blogging or raising children. I'll have a lot more free time on my hands then, won't I? Then again, maybe not.

In the meantime, I'm going to do the best I can to downsize the amount of stuff in our home, train the kids to take care of their belongings and remind myself not to get too attached to the things of this world. If I can keep the amount of stuff coming in the home to a minimum it will certainly help the process.

I'd like to show you today how I choose to organize our children's clothes whether they are something they are currently wearing, clothes they have outgrown, or clothes that are waiting to be grown into.

The clothes that our children are currently wearing are stored in their own small closet and dresser. I hang up all shirts (and dresses) and use the dressers for their socks, underwear, pants, shorts, belts, hats, and swimsuits.

In the bottom of each of their closets I have two bins. One for the clothes they have outgrown and one for the clothes they are waiting to grow into. I prefer the bins over the vacuum packed bags because it's easier for me (er, my husband...) to stack them in the attic, they fit more neatly into the bottom of the closet, I don't have to worry about the bag ripping while being used over and over before final storage, and I don't have to worry about the vacuum seal breaking. Plus, the clothes come out less wrinkled from a bin than they do from the bags.

Using the bin system like this helps me stay on top of packing away clothes for the next child and also makes sure that I don't miss out clothes I've been waiting for them to grow into.

By having bins, it also helps to cap off the amount of clothes I'm either saving for the oldest children to grow into or the amount of clothes I'm willing to save for the next child in line.

Once a bin is filled with clothes that are too small for that child, I then start the process of getting them ready to be stored in the attic.

I have recently started to pack clothes away the same way I pack for a vacation and that is by rolling each article of clothing individually before I put it in the bin. I've been packing this way for years when it comes to a suitcase, I only wish I'd thought to start doing this for storage when our oldest was a baby because you can pack a LOT more into a bin if you roll the clothes.

Once the bin is full I label the side of the bin by gender and size.

Once all the clothes have been rolled and placed in the bin, I add the outgrown shoes on top. I like to place these in an old plastic newspaper bag because the bags are just about the right size for a couple pairs of shoes and it also helps keep dirt and debris off of the clothes.

I always store the clothes clean and ready to go so that when I need clothes for the next child I can pull them out and use them right away. I also want to make sure all stains have been washed as well so they don't set in over time.

When choosing what to keep for the next child, I've had to become a little more picky due to our lack of storage space. That being said, if I didn't love the article of clothing, if the shoes are too worn or gross or if there are several stains, I pitch it. There's no sense on hanging on to that for the next child.

I hope that gives you some tips on how to help organize and store your children's clothes. I know it can be an overwhelming task at times to sort through all those clothes.

How do YOU organize your children's clothes? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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Thank you for sharing this post! I will notice about it. My room is very messy with my kids' clothes.
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