Let's Get Organized with Thirty-One Gifts

As part of my Let's Get Organized! event I teamed up Nicole, a Thirty-One consultant, to bring you more options to help get your home, car, or office organized. I've been a fan of Thirty-One Gifts for a long time now so I'll also be sharing some of my favorite products and how we use them in our home.

I was super excited to review this Large Utility Tote from Nicole because I had already seen my sister use hers and it seemed like something that would be very useful.

When I first got the Large Utility Tote, I just kind of hung on to it for a couple of days trying to decide where the best place was for me to use it on a daily basis.

I ended up deciding to use it to store our extra cereal and chips which I had been keeping on the floor in a coat closet that goes underneath our stairs. This area gets used for a lot of things beyond it's normal coat closet usage.

For example, we store our canning supplies, vacuum, clothes hamper and more under there. Whenever I needed to get to one of these items I had to maneuver around the cereal boxes and such. But, now all of those items are contained in one bag so if I need to get around back there, I can just lift the bag out of the way. Less time wasted maneuvering around everything now. I love how something simple like this can mainstream things.

Our extra chips and cereal stored in one easy location

I also have used my Large Utility Tote for a family picnic.  What I loved most about packing it for a picnic was that it was large enough to hold our small cooler as well as the rest of the food items.

It's also great to use when traveling on vacation (if you're taking a road trip) because I pack a lot of our food and snacks in here rather than using paper bags like I did before. It's sturdy wire rim around the upper edge helps give it some durability to keep our food from getting smashed when things press in around it in the car.

And in case you still need ideas of how to use this to help you get organized, Nicole has shared 31 other uses for the Large Utility Tote:
  1. You can leave it in your car with blankets and a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly during a game
  2. You can keep items in it for younger kids to keep them entertained during road trips, while caught in traffic or when you have to make an unexpected stop somewhere
  3. Holding and transporting scrapbooking supplies
  4. Picnics for the family
  5. Holding the vegetables you pick from your garden
  6. Holding and transporting sports equipment
  7. Storing dirty shoes in your vehicle
  8. Grocery Shopping (especially if you do bulk shopping at places like Sam’s or Costco
  9. Knitting Clubs (holding and transporting all of your yarn, etc.)
  10. Consultant's Tote
  11. Tailgating
  12. Storing toys in between the two bucket seats of any car
  13. Beach bag--towels, lotions, food and your thermal totes (My friend uses hers to hold her family's towels and suits to take to and from the pool.)
  14. If you're a teacher or a teacher's helper you can use it to transport items to and from the classroom.
  15. Carry Christmas presents to relatives' homes so you don't have to worry about them falling and getting messed up (I'm definitely using it for this year instead of paper bags like I've done in the past!)
  16. Food and paper products for church gatherings or reunions
  17. Great GREEN alternative. Carry to Wal-Mart or wherever and DON'T use their plastic bags--they certainly won't think you stole that personalized bag! :)
  18. Using it for laundry for the kids is a GREAT idea. It can work well for both clean and dirty. (I'm sure my kids would love a personalized laundry bag of their own.)
  19. Moving "box"
  20. “Trunk” for vehicles
  21. Weekend trips
  22. Rolled up towels, blankets, etc. for guest bath/bedroom
  23. Gift wrapping supplies
  24. Yard Sales (and may I add Mom2Mom sales? I am definitely using mine for this too. Apparently I need at least one more of these around here!)
  25. Board games (Love this idea too. I think we'd use our games more if they were nearby in a bag like this instead of in the top of a closet)
  26. Carrying Birthday gifts to get-togethers
  27. Playground equipment for teachers
  28. Bottom of closet organizer
  29. Carrying in firewood
  30. Quick 5 min clean up
  31. Beach toys
As you can see, there are quite a few uses for this tote!

A closet that has been tidied up using Thirty-One bags
Some of my favorite other Thirty-One products are the Mini Utility Bins. We have the camo one and it holds all of our sons cars in it.
And I also love the Organizing Utility Tote which I use ALL the time. I love the pockets on the outside because it will hold everyone's water bottles or sippy cups and I can hold all of my stuff on the inside. Great for trips to the zoo and park!

There are many other great products from Thirty-One so stop by their online catalog and check some things out!

If you have any questions, please email Nicole and I know she'll be happy to help you. And, if you can believe this, one blessed reader will win a Large Utility Tote! Simply enter the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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Disclaimer: I received product from Nicole at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.


Lois Christensen said...

Looks GREAT! Followed your blog as well. said...

Thanks so much Lois! Appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you on here. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I have just recently started to follow your blog. I found it through "a new life on a homestead".
I enjoy her blog as well as yours. I also like the 31 bags. My mom has some of them and they are good bags.
Thank you for all the info.
Elise Meggs said...

Glad you found me! Hope to "see" you around here often. :)

nancycongdon said...

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