Hidden in my Heart Scripture Lullabies Volume II CD Review

**I'm so glad you've joined me for another post in my pregnancy series. If you missed the others, simply type in "pregnancy" on the left hand search bar to read more.

I discovered a CD that I absolutely love and one that has been a tremendous blessing to me during this pregnancy. It so peaceful and filled with Scripture that it is just what I needed as I faced some uncertain times over the last few months.

I loved this CD so much that I wondered if I would like the second volume as much because sometimes the sequels aren't quite as good as the first edition. In this case, it is equally as wonderful.

Pregnancy, although it is a beautiful time, may also bring about situations that you never thought you'd have to deal with before and because of that, Hidden in my Heart Scripture Lullaby CDs are a wonderful choice to listen to and meditate on during pregnancy because they help direct your thoughts to the Word of God.

Pregnancy can certainly take its tole on a Momma physically, mentally and even spiritually when faced with difficult situations. Having something like this to bring peace to a Momma as she sets her heart and mind on God can be crucial to helping relieve stress she may be experiencing. It also allows the peace and calm that she experiences from listening to Scripture set to music to be passed on to her unborn child.

I am so thankful for the impact that Hidden in My Heart as had on my life as I listened to it and many times worshiped God alone in my kitchen and gave Him the cares of my heart to carry.

The producers took great care in preserving the text when possible and certainly the meaning of Scriptures and set them beautifully to music. You will find this lullaby CD to be like none other when you watch the video below.

It also blesses me to know that for every ten Hidden in my Heart CDs that are purchased, one is donated to a Pregnancy Resource Center. Women who are facing pregnancy, sometimes alone, need something like this more than ever!

No matter what age you are or whether or not you have children, you need these CDs in your life. I've never written a review before where I said you need something in your life because, while I may find some things awesome and want to recommend them, there are few things we actually need. This, however, is one of them because it will draw you closer to the lover and Creator of your soul.

I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to share this review with you as a result of my humble blog called Purposeful Homemaking. These CDs are by far some of my favorites because they have helped me worship and praise God even during my trials.

This is one of our family's favorites. Please take a moment to enjoy it and worship God.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Cds direcly from Scripture Lullabies but Volume I and II are currently on sale on Amazon for under $10. 

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Charity said...

I would love to win this CD for my son who is due in July!

Becky @ said...

Congrats! I'm also due in July. :)

Diana said...

I would love to win this for my new grandchild coming soon.

Lana said...

I so want to win this CD but will be buying it if I don't. I have the first one and it is great. My 1 yr. old listens to it everyday during roomtime.

Tina Tapia said...

I would love to win this cd for my 3 girls who currently share a room together, ages 9-9 months. We do a small bible lesson followed by prayer before bed time. This would be the icing on the cake! Thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Love, love these CDs!!

Anonymous said...

We love the first CD. What is the most special is when your baby is able to start singing along with the CD! Would love the 2nd one!

Shelly said...

I would love to win this CD! Thank you!

Melissa said...

I would LOVE to win a copy of this CD for my son Hudson. He's 10 months old and is really into music. I think it'd be a wonderful way to let him dance to music and introduce God's word into his little heart and mind.

Choosing Joy said...

I would LOVE to win this CD to giveaway as a baby gift. We have both albums and my kids listen to them daily and we love to give them as baby gifts, we know lots of pregnant ladies at the moment :)
Thanks for the chance!

Constance Gimenez said...

I would SO love to win this. I have been wanting to get these CDs for my little girls but can't afford them at the moment.

Laura said...

Love the first CD would LOVE the 2nd! Amazing people!

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