God's Faithful Provision {We Got a Van!}

If you haven't read Part 1 to this story, you need to because it will show you how God specifically directed us away from the wrong van for our family. Instead, He graciously provided a much nicer van for us.

We only had to go a few months with only one vehicle, but I will say, it was honestly no big deal. Granted, my situation may be different than yours, but with homeschooling, naps and lunch to squeeze in every day, it really wasn't much of a temptation to venture out with 4 kids into the Snowmaggedon that we lived in this winter.

I simply saved all my errands for Saturdays or my husband or I would run out in the evening if we needed something.

And, as weird as it may sound, I feel like having only one vehicle drew me closer to my husband.

We were a team and we worked together to make it work with only one car.

Seeing God specifically answer our prayers has also drawn us closer together. We're in this  together and we are praying and trusting God to meet the needs we have for our growing family.

But now for the story about how we got our van!

My husband came home Monday night and said he thought he'd found a van for us online. It had exactly what my husband felt we needed for our family and, bonus, it was the color he knew I liked. The problem was, it was out of our price range and it would be a little while before we could come up with the money.

After dinner, I happened to see the ad pulled up on the computer and noticed it was a pretty nice van. I told my husband I was going to call and offer $2000 less. He thought that seemed a bit crazy (he should know by now he married me for my crazy ideas) but said "okay, if you want."

I called the owner, and after asking a few questions, took my big gulp and offered $2000 less (which we also didn't have, but could hopefully scrape together faster than the previous amount). The Lord was working because, without hesitation, the owner said, "I think we can work that out."

I then told him my relief at finding the van and why it meant so much to do so. He then told me he had planned to trade the van in, but with the amount they were going to give him he decided he would rather see if someone could use it. The amount he told me was $200 less than what I offered him. So...I said..."Does that mean you would take that much if we can come up with it?" He said yes. :)

I told him I'd have to talk to my husband to see if we could get the money together and that I would call him back soon.

We had committed to not go in debt in order to purchase a vehicle (which is why we only had one car) and by God's grace, we were able to piece together the amount we needed from various accounts we have.

I called the owner back and set up a time for my husband to go the following evening to get the van.

This experience has been a great opportunity to help us and the children see that God said "no" very clearly about the first van and that we just needed to wait on Him to provide a van for us in His time. And am I glad we waited! This one is sooooo much nicer than the one my husband first went to purchase. Thank you, Lord!

Want to take a peek at it???

How have you seen God provide for you in very specific ways? I would love to be encouraged by your personal stories as well!


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Jenny said...

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!! How awesome is He?! said...

I know! So cool, right??? I meant to text you to tell you to go read, but you beat me to it! :) Hugs!

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