Our New DIY Portable School Calendar

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Well, after 5 years of homeschooling, I finally got around to making a school calendar for my kids. I don't know what took me so long. Time? Money? Space? Lack of Energy? All of the above most likely.

But regardless, it's done. Well, almost...I have to wait for my new batch of laminating sheets (great sale on these right now on Amazon by the way!) to come in the mail and THEN I will be done. I just need to laminate a couple more month titles and our character cards and then I am done! 

I'm so, so happy that I finally have something fun like this to teach with and the kids already love it. And the best part?

It's portable. Because did I mention? We live in a small house and our homeschool area is in our living room. My personal preference is to make the area nice and inviting, but not look like a preschool classroom.

Having a portable Calendar Board is the perfect solution to my dilemma. It teaches the necessary calendar skills, is cheerful looking, and best of all, folds up so I can easily slip it behind our cubby.

I'm SO glad I finally got around to making this!

It was pretty easy to pull together because I ordered an interactive school calendar for just under $11 off of Amazon. I also bought a Tri-fold Presentation Board to mount it on, along with some round Velcro sticky coins so that the kids can easily change the calendar each month.
And that's it!
If you homeschool, how do you do your calendar area?

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