Curriculum Review: Physics with Apologia (And a SALE!)

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We are close to embarking on our 12th year of homeschooling which is truly hard to believe. We've tried a lot of different curriculums over the years, in part, because sometimes it takes trial and error to find a really good one, but also because I currently have six children and not all of them learn the same way so sometimes you have to change things up a bit.

And, as I said in my recent review of Marine Biology, I certainly don't have all the answers to homeschooling high schoolers and I often find myself leaning on the Lord and asking Him for help and direction in how to best guide them. I am so thankful that He loves our children even more than we do and that He cares about every detail of their lives and that includes the interests that He has put within them and how they learn best. 


Curriculum Review: Marine Biology from Apologia (And a SALE!)

*Affiliate links, including those from, may be present in any of my posts. You can read my policy in more detail at the bottom of this post.

It's truly hard for me to believe that not only are we entering our 12th year of homeschooling but this year I will have two high schoolers. The years truly have flown by and I could not be more thankful to the Lord for leading our family to homeschool, especially since it was not our original intent. But God sees the big picture and He knew ahead of time not only what homeschool would keep us from (in a good way) but how it would enrich our lives in countless ways. Additionally, after living through a pandemic and seeing the ways that countless family's lives were uprooted in so many ways, but specifically in regards to their children's education, it makes me even more thankful that we were able to just keep on doing what we were doing. 


Apologia's Self-Paced Courses Review

*Affiliate links, including those from, may be present in any of my posts. You can read my policy in more detail at the bottom of this post.

It's hard to believe we're into the second half of our school year already. Time has a way of flying by and I feel like most days it's hard to keep up with everything. Because of that, I'm so grateful to not have to give much thought at all to my older two children's science courses. My 10th grader is currently using Apologia's Chemistry from Apologia and my 8th grader is using General Science

We have access to the self-paced science courses for them and one of the things that my children love most is that even if we can't complete an experiment at home, they can at least watch the demonstration done in the Apologia lab. Additionally, the video clips that provide extra information about particular topics are especially interesting. Sometimes my daughter will be enjoying the lessons so much she comes to me and asks if she can do more. Of course I say yes. 😊 Who wants to tell their child no when they are enjoying learning so much? 

And while I am happy to be involved as much as possible in my children's education, as a mom of six, I definitely need help carrying the weight of these upper level science courses. The options we found with Apologia were an answer to prayer, especially with the self-paced options that are now available for the middle school and high school science courses. I think of all the options available, the self-paced one is my favorite. 


FREE New Year's Eve Printable for 2020

I've been making these New Year's Eve printables for years now and it's something our children always look forward to completing. They make for precious keepsakes over the years as well. Here is this year's version. You can download your free printable here. Happy New Year's!!

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Rooted Childhood: A Way to Create and Connect with Your Children Through the Seasons

What is Rooted Childhood?

Rooted Childhood is a carefully thought out monthly collection that is seasonally inspired. It includes various handcrafts, recipes, stories, and book suggestions. Our family has taken advantage of a subscription to Rooted Childhood for several months now and I always look forward to the ideas and inspiration I receive in each collection. What I love best about these collections is that all of the ground work is laid for me to help develop a seasonally rich atmosphere in our home.

Meghann, the creator and founder of Rooted Childhood, has carefully curated the crafts included in each monthly edition to be seasonally supportive. I find them to be on varying levels (none of which are too hard and that's coming from a non-crafty person).  She includes beautiful pictures, step by step instructions (including video tutorials) and tries to keep the costs down by not using anything too unusual. It's easier for me to turn to a monthly collection like this rather than Pinterest for several reasons. For starters, I know that the crafts and recipes are all tried and true. I also appreciate that everything that is pulled together is with a theme in mind. This saves me a lot of time and trial and error. 
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