Curriculum Review: Constitutional Literacy from Apologia

As part of our son's high school credit requirements we needed to complete a government credit. For awhile I've had my eye on Apologia's Constitutional Literacy course by Michael Farris as what we were probably going to use. This was the year I decided he was ready for us to implement this program into our homeschool curriculum and so far, several of us are benefitting from it!

This course is actually taught at the college level and is a course requirement for all students at Patrick Henry college where the author, Dr. Michael Farris, is the Founder and Chancellor. (You may also recognize his name as the Chairman of The Homeschool Legal Defense Association.)

However, although the course is very thorough and includes in-depth information, it is delivered in a format that makes it easy for the average citizen to understand. I do not have a strong government or constitutional literacy background and I found it intriguing and applicable to my life. I have no doubt that this would have been an excellent course for me to engage in during my high school or college years. When I sat down to review this material, my husband decided to watch some with me as well. After the first lesson, he continued to watch more and said that he thought the material was amazing and that he planned to watch the entire DVD series. I knew this was something he would love. :)

In my husband's opinion, and mine as well, every high school and college student owes it to themselves and their personal freedom to include this course in their education. And for that matter, society in general seems to have a lack of knowledge of the Constitution and our Founding Fathers so we believe everyone would benefit from this course. Constitutional Literacy helps address this dilemma by making us better citizens.

"If American children are not taught the principles of freedom, America will not be free for very long." --Michael Farris of HSLDA

Details About the Course

  • The DVDs include 25 episodes
  • The DVD/workbook package contains all you need for course credit
  • During this course you will understand the history, theory and application of the Constitution 
  • DVDs include teaching from Dr. Michael Farris, a constitutional attorney who has argues before the United States Supreme Court, seven U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal and ten state Supreme Courts.
  • Download a sample here

This course retails for $79 if you want the notebook and the DVD set and can be found at Apologia. I highly recommend you do not purchase one without the other (although Apologia gives you that option) if you plan to use this for a student or group setting. However, if you want to simply learn more about our Constitution for your own particular interest, then you may find the DVD set sufficient. 

My husband and I are so impressed with this course. I'm incredibly grateful that Dr. Farris took the time to write it and especially for all of the work that he put into the DVDs to make the course even better. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you found it helpful and that, should you choose this course, you will love it as much as we do. 

We received these Constitutional Literacy resources in exchange for an honest review.  

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