Camping Unit

Another archived theme unit...

These are pictures from our Camping Theme. This first one here is of Carter eating a "lightning bug" that Grandma Mc. gave him. The little pinchers light up when you squeeze the lightning bug (like a gummy worm).  You never know what you might eat when you go camping, right? :)

 Here are some activities we did for our camping unit.

We made twig frames, thought of words that start withthe hard "k" sound like c in camping (also, side note: the best way to teach phonics is to point it out in real life instead of memorizing a bunch of sounds. Just weave it into everyday life. For example, "Oh, I like that word! What sound does that start with? What letter makes that sound?")

A game we played for camping was "The Hungry Bear". I laid out our play food for Carter to see and then had him run out of the room. While he was gone, I chose a piece and had him come back and tell me which piece was missing.

We also talked about the layers of a forest (bottom, middle, top), what animals live in the forest and why trees are important.

We made a tent in our Living Room so we could read around our "fire" (made out of paper towel tubes and tissue paper).  We also read a great book from Usborne Books called Camping Out.

Here's one more picture from our stars/camping unit. We made S'mores that day in the toaster oven. If you ask Carter how to make a S'more he will say "You need chocolate, a marshmallow and graham crappers." :) Too cute!


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