Doing the Turkey Trot

For the month of November I'm pretty much doing a theme of centering around fall things and learning about Thanksgiving.
So this week, one activity was to have Carter count how many sheets of newspaper he could fit into a grocery bag (math) and then we tied it together and drew a turkey face on there (art!!). Then we played "kick the turkey" (physical education) outside w/it! Sometimes I feel like I'm only accomplishing if I have something concrete to show for our work (e.g. a worksheet) but preschool should be more than that. Children learn through hands on, so I'm trying to remember to incorporate that more. Oh, another thing we did was I gave Carter a turkey baster and a pan of water and another empty container and let him practice transferring the water (small motor skills). He had a lot of fun! Plus w/this amazing weather it was a great activity for him to do outside. See why he loves preschool??! :)
Also, a fun song we did was the Hokey Pokey but substituted the words wing for arm, etc. so it was about a turkey. :)


velvet said...

love it! you have some really great ideas! :)

Becky said...

Thanks! Most, if not all our original though! I'm not too creative, but good at scouring for ideas. :) lol!

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