Preschool Unit on Families

We're doing a unit on "Families." We started off by looking through magazines and cutting out pictures of families. Carter then glued them on construction paper.

We talked about the people and the pictures and I taught him the ASL signs for each of the family members.

Then we did a basic family tree.

We also talked about what the different roles of people in a family are and how we do things together.

We also talked about how we live in a house together (versus animals who live outside and what kind of homes they might have.) 

Then I cut out construction paper shapes for a house and he glued them onto construction paper. On different parts of the house Carter told tell me his address, phone number, parents' names, etc. and I wrote them down.


velvet said...

wow, that all sounds great! one thing i did with sky a while ago (although this might be too old for carter) was walk the neighborhood and draw a picture map of the house, the trees, neighbors' houses, fences, etc. and then we labeled everything. we were doing more of a mapping unit, though, but maybe it could be applied to families? maybe just inside the house? i don't know, this probably doesn't help at all :) but it was fun, anyway :)

Becky said...

i had thought about a map idea--maybe when the weather gets nice (not soon enough!) we can do something cool like that. it'd be fun to do a buried "treasure" too. :)

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