Training our Children

First, I want to recommend an article that deals with training our children in the area of worshipping God. It deals specifically with the worship service. Of course, you may not put into practice all that you read in the article, however, there are a lot of good ideas (I think!) that are helpful. :) Check it out at:

Also, Carter has started chores! :) It's something I was prompted to have him start doing as a result of beginning to sit w/us in the worship service at church at night (having him contribute to the offering, but letting it be his own $) and from listening to Dave Ramsey one night on the radio). So, he does "dust-busting" which he loves and dusts the living room for me 1x/week. After completing his chores he gets 5 dimes. :) One goes in his envelope for God for offering each week, 2 go in his bank for savings and 2 goes into his envelope for spending $ on something that Adam or I agree is worth him spending his $ on. So far he has liked this system (especially when he gets to take his own $ to garage sales....although that is another learning experience--not spending his $ on every thing he sees! it's a learning process!) So far, so good. We're on week 2.

Another endeavor I've taken on is just part of my devotions but I'm reading through the book of Proverbs and for each chapter I'm writing down important truths that I think will be helpful to teach our children. Some day when they're older I'll hopefully make a copy for each of them. Anyways, it's also a good guide of what to pray for your children. I got the idea for writing it down from "Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God" It's one of the best books I've ever read (thanks, Anne for getting it for me for Christmas!). Check it out if you get the chance!


Leah W said...

great ideas for your kids!

velvet said...

i think allowance and chores for kids is definitely a really good thing! :)

Susana C. said...

awesome. ur one great mommy!!!!

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