Christmas Countdown Chain

I can't believe it's almost time to start our Christmas countdown chain. I just make the traditional construction paper links and put a number on one side and an activity on the other. We start the Saturday after Thanksgiving (I'm too busy and tired to do it on Black Friday! ha ha!).
Here's a list of ideas:
Play w/Nativity (we have the fisher price one-love it!)
bake cookies and go look at Christmas lights
sing Christmas songs at the piano w/Dad
eat dinner in front of the fireplace
backwards dinner night
play dough
trip to McD's
new book-pine tree parable
paint an ornament
bake cookies for neighbors and invite to cantata, etc.
make a reindeer craft
eat a candy cane
eat a fruit snack
do a puzzle together
call daddy at work and say "thank you for working so hard for our family"
call a friend
go for a walk
go somewhere special (nature center, etc.)
flannel graph
make Christmas craft (crown)
read Luke 2 and open presents

anyways, these are just some ideas to get you started! have fun! I love doing this Christmas tradition.


velvet said...

what a good idea! my kids would love this :) also, i love the lapbook you posted about - those are so cool!

Becky said...

the lapbook is just made from file folders so you can do it too :)

yes, they can't wait for the chain...

they've loved the countdown to Thanksgiving as well. plus, it helped me ration the candy. :)

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