Let's Go Sale-ing!

Garage Sale-ing that is! Another way I save a TON of money for our family is buying 99% of my kids' clothes at garage sales/mom 2 mom sales. I've also needed some new clothes due to being a new size (yeah!) so I've started getting my clothes at garage sales as well. AND, they don't look like garage sale clothes. I'm super picky so I don't think anyone would ever look at my kids and say I got their clothes out of the rag bag. I even found a couple pairs of my pants for my husband today which was a really good find because it's harder to find men's clothes at garage sales. (in my opinion). My super good find the other day was an Ergo Baby Carrier. We were needing a carrier for our new little chunky monkey (23 lbs at 8 1/2 mths) and low and behold I found one at a garage sale. Paid $4 for it! I checked ebay and these puppies go for about $70-80 used. Wahoo! Good find there! My daughter has also been wanting a "pink princess bike" for her birthday. We've been praying about finding one and we did! I paid $5 for it and it even came with training wheels (which are about $10 alone!). It was the nicest bike I had seen so far this summer (which btw, I got my son's bike last year for $10 mint condition and it was a "shark" bike which even went with his birthday theme! God is good!) So, that's another tip for stretching your money. The kids have fun going with me and they see God provide different things that are on our list. :)

Here's a short tip too...for washing your clothes...I use baking soda in the washer for softening my clothes. It's way cheaper than softener and healthier too! I buy the big bag at Sam's club...yet another way you can save money--but you need to price compare with sales at the store too. Maybe you think this all takes a lot of time. Well, yes, but what do they say? Time is money. If I can save money for my family then it is worth my time! I take my job as a SAHM pretty seriously, but I have fun and I love what I do!


Leah Wentzel said...

when i knew we were getting foster child #3 i knew i wanted another crib. i had less than a week to prepare. i decided to go out that thursday garage sailing and the first garage sale i went to had a crib for $20 that my little girl is sleeping in right now. I love how God provides even through buying used! said...

absolutely Leah! One of my posts I want to share what we have found at garage sales. It's exciting! :) I literally felt like God led me to the one withe the bike for Carlee b/c I wasn't planning on stopping there but then decided to last minute. :)
That is an awesome deal on a crib and I'm glad you got it. It sounds like you are doing a great job as a foster mom! Do you still have the same other 2?

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