Local Deals

Here are my favorite "feeds" that tell me what's on sale at the grocery store. You may have to do some searching of your own to find your local one. The last one is an organic feed that tells me when I can get free samples, coupons for organic food, etc. Which by the way, I have noticed the last couple of weeks at Kroger that the Santa Cruz organic lemonade is on sale 10/$10 (normally $3 each). Also, not sure if this is a continuing price drop at Meijer for Cascadian Farm organic cereal, but I hope to find out if it's still going on. My kids LOVE this cereal and it's a lot healthier than some of the other brands out there. You can get coupons for Cascadian Farm at Combine this with their sale and you get a good box of cereal for a great price. Even if the sale's over you can use the coupons now or save them for when the cereal goes on sale again.

Anyways, here are the blogs that tell me about great deals:
and for the organic deals...ugh, well it's called organic deals & coupons. I get their e-mails, but right now can't figure out the blog site. Sorry.

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