It almost seems silly to post about this, but I tend to think of the little things that will help save money as well as the big things. This is a little thing in one aspect, but big in another. By recyclying, you are reducing the number of trash bags that you have to use which means you're cutting down on the number that you need to buy. It may seem silly, but when I look at how many recyclables we accumulate in a two week period it's probably enough to fill a trash bag. So, a tiny savings to me is less trash bags being bought, but a greater savings all around is by contributing to recycling. It cuts down on the overall costs of things that need to be produced which ends up saving us money down the road. Not to mention, I do believe we need to be good stewards of the world that God has given us. He does want us to take care of it and if we each do a little bit to help it will make a big impact. I'm not a tree hugger by any means. I'm too busy hugging my kids and husband! lol! However, as a Christian, I am supposed to be a good care taker of what has been entrusted to me. It's really easy to do and I'm glad to help out in this way. There are programs out there where you can earn things for recycling. I haven't quite figured them out yet so if you're already doing something like that, please feel free to share! :)

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