Science Friday

Fridays at our house are much more relaxed when it comes to homeschooling. For one reason, Carter's only in kindergarten so we get all of our work done in four days. Really, it would only take three, but I like to do extra stuff with him. So, Friday's we spend a lot more time reading together. We're almost done reading one of the books from my childhood collection (Little House in the Big Woods). Our goal is to read through the entire series by springtime. The kids love the books and I love that they are always asking me to read to them.
I also try to do a science activity with the kids on Fridays (simple, mind you). I don't always get it accomplished every Friday, but it's a goal to shoot for! There happened to be an easy art/science activity in this month's Family Fun magainze that we did today. The kids really liked it and it was pretty simple. You can also check on-line for science ideas. Kids LOVE science usually because it's a very fun subject that ought to be hands on as much as possible. Oftentimes, we (I mean, I) tend to stay away from science experiments because they involve forethought, gathering supplies, they sometimes involve messes, and sometimes we have to use our brains to figure out what the lesson is teaching! Nonetheless, it's a subject that ought not to be neglected and I am taking baby steps to accomplish that.  What easy science projects do you do with your kids?



i love the idea of science fridays :) and also a day that you do a little more reading with them...that's something i am trying to do more of with sharkey.
sky and i are doing a little 'experiment' right now - making our own sourdough starter. it's REALLY easy to do and you can explain the science behind it. i just found some easy directions online, and all you need to start is flour and water and a jar. i will blog about it in a few days... said...

cool! I can't wait to read about the sourdough!

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