Teaching with Music

I was reminded that maybe I should post about this since I'm listening to my sweet little girl over the monitor (she's supposed to be sleeping, but doesn't always take a nap anymore!) She's up in her room singing the months of the year to the tune of Ten Little Indians. She also just learned the days of the week by singing them to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine. It's a great way to teach a preschooler facts like this in a fun way. It's also working well for my 5 year old because I can ask him what month comes after September and he can sing it in his head and tell me the answer. Eventually they won't need the music to recall these facts. Make learning fun!

I have to say, I'm really enjoying homeschooling. Recently we did an impromptu trip to the apple orchard. It was great because we'd already been talking about different animals, their names and then we were discussing how the male birds are more brightly colored than the females so they can help protect their babies. It was great to then head there and show the kids this fact when they saw the peacocks at the orchard's petting zoo. To top it off I got some great deals on some produce they also sell there. A good trip on this amazing fall weather day!

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