Preschool Curriculum

A few people ask me what I use for Preschool Curriculum. At this point I'm not using a specific curriculum from a publisher. I do have a workbook that Carter uses (you could pick it up at Meijer probably that lets him practice circling, tracing numbers, choosing letter sounds, etc.).

Each week I have chosen a theme. It is something I think will be of interest to him (e.g. camping--which was a HUGE hit I might add). Then I build around that theme by getting books from the library (ours has "theme kits" you can check out).

I also frequent several web pages. My favorite is www.preschoolexpress.com. You will definitely want to check it out. I also like www.abcteach.com, www.kinderplans.com, and www.starfall.com to name a few. There are tons of resources on the internet.

We also sing a lot and do a lot of fingerplays.

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