Presidents" Day Activites for Kids

Tomorrow is President's Day and we're looking forward to having Daddy home with us as a bonus! The kids know what's coming since we did these activities last year and are pretty excited about it.

I archived this post from last year and made a few changes for this year. I hope you find these ideas helpful!

Most of these great ideas were from Family Fun Magazine. I told you I love that magazine! These are ideas that I'm planning on doing for Monday, Presidents' Day. I wanted to get it posted ahead of time in case you were interested in making your own special day!

If you want to have your child's picture put on a dollar bill, go here.

History: We'll talk a little bit about voting and some Presidential facts. The kids will each do a brief report on the president of their choice.

Writing: We'll do a short writing activity where the kids will dictate to me what they would do if they were president. I made a mini-president out of their picture and their writing with this.

Science: we will take pennies and clean them up a bit by soaking them in 2 T vinegar. Afterwards we will scrub them with 2 t. salt.

Our snacks for the day will be:
  • Presidential Cupcakes (I printed pictures of presidents from here), taped them to another piece of paper with a presidential fact on the back, secured a toothpick on there and stuck it in a green-frosted cupcake.) ** this year I'm using this recipe from Comfy Belly.
  • Lincoln Logs (pretzel rods)
  • Franklin-furters (mini-hotdogs) (I actually won't be doing this one, but you can!)
  • Hamilton-and-Cheese crackers (just cheese and crackers)
  • Washington's Cherries (vanilla yogurt with a cherry on top) (we'll be using our canned cherries this year!)
If you want to print some little signs for your snacks, I made these. I will be mounting them onto cardstock and putting them in front of our snacks.

PE: For a fun activity we'll do "Toss Some Lincolns" by letting each child toss 10 pennies into a floating bank. :)

Bible: I want to make sure we take some time praying for our President as well as the Primary Election that is coming up.

Computer Skills: Mount Rushmore jigsaw puzzle.

I also have a lot of fun poems and songs for Presidents' Day. For some coloring sheets and other activities check out this website.

Also, if you're not familiar with Liberty's Kids DVD's you should check them out. They're great for teaching history, but in a fun cartoon format. Our children really, really enjoy these!

Should be a fun day at school!

*Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to my Amazon account. Should you choose to purchase through it, I appreciate your support!


Pamela said...

Looks like fun projects. Love the dollar bill. I'm a new follower. said...

Thanks Pamela! :)

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