Penguin Unit

We are wrapping up our Penguin Unit because I am SO ready to study about something a bit more spring-like! I'm sure you'd agree!

Here's a brief summary of what we did:

We read Usborne's How Big is a Million? This is an adorable book about a penguin that goes on a quest to find how much a million is. At the end of the book, Pipkin discovers the answer to his question and your child gets to see literally a million of what he discovered on a large pull-out poster.  My kids LOVE this book...and I want more in the series!

I also printed an "Itsy Bitsy Penguin Book" from kidzone. The kids colored and assembled these. You can find them here.  For additonal penguin ideas check out this site.

We also flipped through our Usborne Science books to look for other animals that were black and white and of course, read about Penguins in there as well.

We sang songs and read poems from Preschool Express.

We learned A LOT of facts about penguins and afterwards I let Carter choose one particular penguin to research. He chose the Rockhopper Penguin and I helped him fill out the research page that I made.

Like I said, it was a mini-unit because we are very excited to move on to our next unit: Gardening! It will include topics like seeds, plants and rain for starters! I'll be sure to share what we are learning as we go. Make sure you link up with The Homeschool Village on Thursday, March 31 for their Garden Challenge. It's going to be fun!

HSV Garden Challenge

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