Garden Challenge Part 2

HSV Garden Challenge

I'm ready to post about Part 2 of our Garden Challenge with the Homeschool Village! Unfortunately we don't have a lot to report as far as progress goes in the actual garden! :( That could be because we've still been getting a little snow recently! Spring is having a hard time showing up around here this year. I hope we get some warm weather soon.

What we have done though is: decided on what we're planting, changed the location of our garden and figured out the spacing we'll need for our square-foot garden. (This is our first year doing square-foot gardening.)

We learned last year that there is always a learning curve to gardening and I think it's something we have to keep fine-tuning. It also helps to talk to some "old-timers"! They usually have good "tried and true" tips when we need some trouble-shooting done.

If you're doing square foot gardening and want help trying to decide how much space you will need for your plants, check out this website. It is very helpful!

And, as I mentioned, we changed the location of our square foot garden since the last time I posted. We decided to give away one of our play structures to some friends (this is a neat story--we were trying to decide if we should get rid of our smaller play structure or not since the kids still used it a little bit. In the end we decided they played more in the sandbox and the other play structure and that we would rather use that space for our square foot garden. We prayed about who to give it to and after calling to see if some friends wanted it, they said they'd actually been looking for one on Craig's list but that they were so expensive. It was a provision for them and we were so happy that they could use ours!) So, here is our new location for our garden:

I really hope the square foot garden works out this year. The kids are looking forward to planting time! We hope the weather warms up so we can start! :)


Zonnah said...

I hope your warm weather comes soon for ya! said...

ME TOO!!!!

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