{Lego Birthday!} Happy 6th Birthday, Carter!

Six years ago today, my oldest son, Carter was born on Memorial Day (his due date!) The picnic got cancelled that year since we were all the hospital! :) We'll be having a picnic this year though!

So, Happy Birthday, sweet Carter! I can't believe you are six years old today. How fast the time flies. I am so thankful that you are my little boy! I hope you loved every part about your police lego birthday party (we had it a few days early because of the holiday)!

Yes, I'm wearing a sweater even though it's the end of May. Very unusual weather this year!

To get the theme started off, a friend of ours made the invitations--thanks Mike! Carter chose the Police Lego Scene for the invitation picture.

For the invitation envelopes I made mailing labels in a lego font. (Which of course I forgot to use, but at least he can use them for thank you cards!)

We did a late morning party that started with Lego coloring sheets for any of the first arrivers to color while they were waiting for the party to get started. The kids actually liked coloring them! I wasn't sure if they'd rather play, but I'm glad they used them.

We were able to get some real Police Line tape to use for decorations

Then we played a few lego games. One was a building race against the clock. The kids had access to a big bin of legos and I set a timer for 5 minutes and let the kids build whatever kind of building they wanted to.  However, after 5 minutes they were having so much fun building that I figured I would just let them build for awhile. Then we admired everyone's work. :)

Another thing we did was "Guess How Many Legos are in the Jar". I showed the kids a Mason jar filled with legos. The kids then guessed how many legos were in the jar and wrote their guess down on this lego paper. The closest guess won a little lego set.

Here's the winner!

For one more game, the kids went around together in a circle each adding a lego piece to one tower until it fell over.

About mid-way through the party we had our favorite Police Chief show up in his police car and uniform for the kids to see. It was a big hit! Each child got to sit in the police car and push buttons to make the siren or lights go and to talk into the loud speaker. It was so fun for the kids to sit in a real police car! Thanks so much for coming Chief N.! :)

The birthday boy!!

Carlee with Chief N.'s hat on

Carter and his favorite Police Officer. He has been a family friend for years.

All the kids and Chief N.

For food I tried to keep it related to our Police Lego theme. Unfortunately, I was so busy I didn't get any pictures! :( But my sister and I made homemade lego shaped individual pizzas (I have a great sauce recipe if you want it), club crackers with cheese circles spaced out like a lego pieces, jello (If I had thought about it and had the time last-minute, I would have made circle shaped jello jigglers instead!), and garlic bread. We had blue koolaid (police color) and my friend let me borrow her lego man mold for ice cubes (can be used for ice cubes, chocolate and more).

In the favor bags I included a mini Police Lego coloring sheet, a small lego set, some police-type toys and a thank you card printed on card stock. I put it all in a white paper bag with a lego head on the front made from yellow poster board. On the front of the lego head was a mailing label with the child's name on it.

Also, in the gift bags were Police Academy Graduation certificates for each of the party guests.


For the cake, I used the Betty Crocker recipe from here.

My friend made this lego birthday banner. Isn't it great??

All the kids seemed like they had a great time and most of all, I think Carter did too! Happy 6th birthday, Sweetheart!



i love it i love it i love it!! :) you are amazing, becky! the cake looks so great, and how cool that you had a real policeman there!

Dr. Mom Online said...

Wow!!! Great job, Becky! I'm very impressed... looks like it was an awesome party! (Could be a future career in party planning! lol!)

I totally forgot to wish Carter a Happy Birthday yesterday in the office, so p-l-e-a-s-e pass along my best wishes and prayers to that fabulous little man of yours!!

: )

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