Artistic Pursuits Review

I recently reviewed an art curriculum for my young children called Artisic Pursuits. We used Book 1 in the Kindergarten through Grade 3 level. This curriculum is working really well for my children! One of the things I like best about this curriculum is that it exposes my children to real art which I hope will instill in them an appreciation for art.

I also like that the lessons are set up so as to allow me to give my children the instructions and then let them go from there.

My children have enjoyed the drawing lessons that they've done so far and are always excited when I tell them it is time for art. Here they are drawing a plant for our nature lesson.

Printed in the USA, the Kindergarten through Grade 3 book has 32 lessons and retails for $42.95. This is the first of three books for these grade levels. Please note that you will need to purchase additonal art materials.

For the additional art supplies, Artistic Pursuits provides links so you can get these supplies at a significant discount. However, because I had some great coupons, it worked out for me to buy almost all of ours for the same price or slightly cheaper at our local JoAnn's and Michael's!

I am very thankful I had the opportunity to review this curriculum because it does not require me to have any previous art training and it is something that my children thoroughly enjoy doing. Additionally, I feel that it teaches some basic art skills that will help give them a good foundation in art.

If your child expresses an interest in art, I think this would be great, whether you homeschool or not. It can give a good foundation, but for much cheaper than art lessons cost! I know in my area one class is $20 compared to 32 lessons for $42.95. Not to mention I don't have to leave the comfort of my own home--especially now that winter is upon us! :) Of course, personal instruction is probably best, but if your child is just beginning to explore art, this would be the best way to go financially.

I would encourage you to check out this link for sample lessons. I think you'll be pleased at what you find.

Artistic Pursuits offers instruction in art for preschoolers through grade twelve. If you have any questions about their curriculum, please feel free to e-mail them at        
And, be sure to swing by here to see what my fellow TOS crewmembers think about this curriculum. :)

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Artistic Pursuits for Grades K-3 in exchange for a candid review.

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