GoGreen Diapers Review


What are GoGreen  Diapers?

I discovered the WAHM-operated business of GoGreen Diapers one day while searching the internet for cloth diaper companies. After checking out their site, I figured they would be a great fit with our Green Resolutions Blog Hop . I'm happy to have found such a great diaper at an amazing cost!
Our Experience with GoGreen Diapers

I have never made the complete and exclusive dive into cloth diapering. It's been more of a process for me. At this stage of the game, our son is 28 months old and I don't put him in diapers during the day anymore because he's potty trained.

However, he definitely still wears a diaper for naps and bedtime so we still need diapers around our house. One of my hesitations about using cloth diapers at night was the fear that my son would feel wet and wake up in the night (I did NOT want to risk missing sleep over that!) and I was also afraid he would leak through a cloth diaper if worn over night.

Recently I was getting our son's pajamas on earlier than usual and put his Champ diaper on. I planned to switch him to a disposable right before bedtime but...forgot to.

However, he did not wake up in the night from feeling wet. Nor did he leak through after being in his diaper for about 12 hours.  He definitely smelled wet when he got up the next morning, but there were no leaks!

I'm not the only one who has had great success with Champ diapers. You can read other moms' testimonials here.

What are the Diapers Made Of?

"The exterior of the diapers are made of a 100% polyester knit or microvelour with a thin, flexible water-proof polyurethane laminate on the inside (PUL). Inside, the diapers are lined with soft suedecloth or fleece, which is gentle against your baby's skin and feels dry since moisture is pulled through into the pocket by the microfiber inserts. Each diaper comes with a super-absorbent insert that is made from 3 layers of microfiber terry-cloth." source (GoGreen does not carry any organic diapers if that is something you use exclusively. This is not an issue for me, even though I do prefer organic.)

How Are They Made?
Also, because of their design, there is no need to remove the insert from the diaper before washing. It simply self-agitates out in the wash cycle. Additionally, "Dual Gussets™ Technology provide unbeatable leak protection." source The diaper also has a waterproof outer material so there is no need for an additional cover.

Are there Sales?
Even though these diapers are already at a great price, you can check out their sale page as well. (To think I spent $10 on a couple used cloth diapers at a Mom2Mom sale when I could have spent $10 on a brand new one from GoGreen!)

What I Think About GoGreen

I love that they are very reasonably priced (around $9.99-$15.00!!) and that they are absorbent enough even for night-time use. They also have a super soft insert that is comfortable for our son to wear.

GoGreen also has some really cute patterns available. Here's a cute one!

GoGreen also offers the removable Adapt-a-snap™ which easily attaches to any snap diaper with two rows of 10 waist snaps with standard 1-inch spacing. This allows you to expand the size of your diaper as needed. (Their standard diapers fit approximately 8-35+ lbs, and their Champ diapers fit newborn-45+ lbs.!)

My only drawback to the GoGreen Diapers is that I wish there was a greater selection of them made in the USA. Their Mud Butt for GoGreen diapers are, however, made by WAHMs in the USA.

If you are looking for a great-priced diaper that actually works, then the Champ is your best bet! Enter to win one here.

Disclosure: I was given product to keep from gogreen diapers in exchange for a candid review. Purposeful Homemaking will not be held responsible for prizes not fulfilled by the sponsors. I have represented my sponsors wtih the expectation that they will fulfill their prizes and in a timely manner. The sponsors are shipping their items to you directly. They will not be shipped from Purposeful Homemaking.

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