Produce Craft with the Kids!

Around our house, we homeschool four days a week and leave Fridays open for the extra things in life. Sometimes we have to run errands or go to appointments, but ideally, I like Fridays to be at home. It also helps me make sure the kids get some extra play time outside that they might be lacking during the week.

Plus, I can get caught up around the house and do extra things with the kids like crafts, maybe a French lesson if we got behind that week, or spend a little extra time doing preschool with our daughter. . I have reviewed so many great products from TOS this year that I am never lacking for extra-curricular material!

Today, we actually managed to get a craft done. (Thankfully it was a simple one and I already had everything we needed to do it!) I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine (one of my favorite magazines!)

It's a head start on some of our Valentine's Day cards. (Click here for some more Valentine's Day ideas we did last year!)

I love the creativity that some people have out there. I never would have thought to use the end of a celery bunch to paint with, but it makes a beautiful rose shape! Who knew?!

Here's What You Do

Simply cut off the end of a celery bunch and then dab it with a bit of paper towel to wipe off the excess water.

Then have your child paint the top of the celery bunch.

Once the celery bunch is completely coated with paint (this link is to my new go-to for child safe art supplies!) have your child press it down onto a piece of blank paper that has been folded in the shape of a card. Make sure you kind of wiggle the celery to get all the pieces onto the paper.

See? It's a rose!

Even our little guy got in on the fun!

Everyone enjoyed the craft (and I was happy I actually did a craft with the kids!)

Do you have any good Valentine's Craft Ideas? I'm starting to collect them on my Pinterest board and would love to pin your idea! Simply leave a link to your idea in the comment section below. Thanks!

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