We Choose Virtues Review

If you're looking for some tools to help your child make biblical change in their lives, then I think you'll find We Choose Virtues to be very helpful.

What is We Choose Virtues?

We Choose Virtues is a site where you can purchase product to help you in training your children with biblical virtues.

Heather is the founder of We Choose Virtues and she's got a great mission behind what she does! She truly desires to equip parents with the proper tools to help their children develop Christ-like character.
In my interactions with Heather via e-mail over the last few months it has been a blessing to see her put these virtues into action in her own life.

How We Have Implemented We Choose Virtues

This is actually my second time reviewing product for We Choose Virtues and we never stopped using the product we received the first time. (That should say something!)

At breakfast each morning I try to have us go over one card from the Parenting Cards. My son reads us the front of the card and then I read the discussions on the back. (Although after reviewing the Teacher's Manual this time I see they suggest initially reading the same card each day for a week--that probably reinforces it better. I will have to try that.)

We also have the Kids Virtue Poster hanging on our fridge as a quick reminder when our attitudes need a check (mine included!)

What We Reviewed This Time

For my position as part of the TOS crew, we reviewed the downloadable coloring book, the teacher's handbook, Family Character Assessment, a verse sheet and the Virtue Clues (mini virtue cards).

Our children enjoyed coloring a few of the pages from the coloring book and my son quickly hi-jacked the mini virtue cards ( there a virtue on there dealing with selfishness??) :)

Aren't these characters adorable??

The Teacher's Manual is very thorough and provides a lot of thoughts and suggestions. For example, presenting the virtues in a positive way ("I am forgiving...") rather than in a negative context. This manual would probably be especially helpful in a classroom or church setting.

The idea behind the mini cards is that they are just like the Parenting Cards I mentioned above, but are able to be carried around by the child. Perhaps they can be reviewed in the car, or kept in the pocket at school as a reminder of the truth that they need to be living out (assuming they have already come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ).

We Choose Virtues is not just for the home. Product is available for Community Schools as well as Christian Schools. Be sure to stop by the site to see their products for yourself.

I'm sure you'll want to check out what my crew mates think about this product as well!

**Disclosure: I received free product from We Choose Virtues in exchange for a candid review. This post does contain affiliate links (thanks so much if you choose to purchase these great products through my site! I really appreciate it!)

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Lori said...

You are right, people will find these helpful. This is my first time reviewing We Choose Virtues and we just love them! I know we plan on continuing to use them too. It's such a great way to enforce good behavior in children.


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