Breaking Pride ebook Devotional Review

Breaking Pride

I am so thankful Heather asked me to review her new ebook devotional, Breaking Pride. Within a short time of reading it, I realized what a blessing it was that the Lord brought it across my path.

Heather writes in a very transparent way, which is great because it helps her readers to be transparent with themselves. Transparency is key to getting to the root of our problems because if we can't be honest with ourself, change will never take place.

In her devotional, Heather shares different ways that pride manifests itself in our life and that the "only way to break pride is through prayer, total devotion to God and His Word, and through living an intentional life for the Lord."

What I Learned

I'd love to share a snippit from each chapter. These are some of the things that stood out most to me.

Chapter 1: Heather talks about the walls we tend to build in order to protect ourself. However, when we do this, we are "missing out on opportunities to connect with others." It's not comfortable to let others see our weaknesses, yet "Jesus shines best when our weaknesses show. This is when others see HIS strength, not ours."

Chapter 2: "When we are full of pride we often hide our flaws under a rug because we need to be perfect, especially if we are Christians and we are going to be a witness for Christ. Too often we don't even realize that our weaknesses can also be used to be a witness for Christ. Nobody can really relate to someone who is perfect."

Chapter 3: "We like to pretend we aren't broken. So often, we resist the reality of our brokenness to the point of resisting God. When we resist the fact that we are broken, then we resist God's beautiful grace in our life."

Chapter 4: "We resist our brokenness because we want to BE STRONG, but little do we know that strength is obtained only through our brokenness, because where we are weak and broken we find God's strength to get us through."

Chapter 5: "Gentleness comes through resisting the need to be right."

Chapter 6: "It's difficult to accept God's grace in spite of our sin. We look at His grace and our guilt automatically kicks in and says we are not 'good enough.' God doesn't want good enough, God wants our heart to be focused and delighted in Him."

Chapter 7: "When we hide, we live in pride; when we are real, God will heal."

Chapter 8: "Pride provides us with a false sense of protection."

Can you tell I learned a lot (and that I have a lot to work on!)? These were just a few of my favorite thoughts, but there is so much more in this devotional. I really hope you'll check it out. The Lord definitely used it to speak to my heart. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to read Breaking Pride.

You can purchase Breaking Pride on Amazon for only .99!

**This post does contain affiliate links to my store. However, I wrote out all my thoughts about this devotional before I realized it could be in my store so my thoughts were definitely unbiased. :)

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