Writing Activity: From the Kitchen Of...

This is a fun, simple writing and craft activity that you can do with any elementary aged child (or even preschooler for that matter!)

This is an activity I used to do with my students back when I was teaching and it was so fun, I decided to do it with my current students (my own kids---yahoo! Are you kidding me? I get to teach my own babies??? And this is coming from the girl who said she'd never homeschool...God has certainly done a work in my heart. In part, due to this book...)

To display our work, I used the banner I made when I was teaching that says, "From the Kitchen Of..." Each of our kids dictated to me a recipe of their own which I typed up on a clip art recipe card.

Afterwards, the kids each crafted that particular food that they wrote a recipe for.

Carter's Pizza Recipe

Carlee's Cookie Recipe

And I proudly hung these on our living room wall (we don't have a homeschool room so we make do with what we have. I finally gave up on trying to keep the living room look only like a living room...) :)

I hope you'll give this activity a try. Have fun!

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