School May Be Out, But We're Not Done Learning!

Our First Day of School, August, 2011

We are "officially" done with school for the year. However, I know it is important that we don't take a break from learning just because it's summer. :)

After all, isn't one of the reasons we've been given life is so that we can continue to learn more and more about our Creator and the world He's given to us? There are so many exciting things to learn about our amazing God and world that who has time to take a break?

Homeschooling is teaching me that learning doesn't have to be in a textbook followed up by a worksheet. It's a lot more fun to use real books or experience something and then discuss or write about what we're learning.

Learning in the summer can be a lot more non-structured (we tend towards structure during the school year) and might include trips to the Nature Center, Park, Zoo or Planetarium. Or perhaps just watching your very own butterflies develop. Here's a pictures of ours in their "starter cup".

(If you'd like to observe a butterfly's life cycle, here are some supplies you'll need to consider getting: caterpillars and a butterfly pavilion of some sort to move the chrysalids to once they have hardened so the butterflies will have a place to fly when they emerge.)

As I'm writing this post our caterpillars are in the middle of completing their chrysalids. This is the first time we have done this and it is so fascinating!

I also plan to include the following books in our summer learning to keep things fresh around here:

The first is the book Who Am ? And What am I Doing Here? I absolutely love this book and plan to use it as a tool to help biblically disciple our children. Click here to read my complete review on it.

The second book is Write Shop Primary so that I can help develop our son's writing skills. Click here for my complete review on it.

The third is finishing up our last couple of lessons in our Rightstart Math Level B book and hopefully starting our Level C book.

Of course, we'll be doing some reading as well! Our children are currently hooked on reading The Boxcar Children.

What about you? What do you plan to do to faciliate learning throughout the summer months? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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