How To Make a Pencil Holder

A long time ago I made this pencil holder from a map, and recently decided to give it to our oldest son to use as a pencil holder on his desk for school. However, I made one little modification by adding felt to the inside bottom of the can to help deaden the sound every time a pencil is placed in the can.

Of course, I then realized that our daughter would need one too since she's joining the ranks this year by entering Kindergarten.

Pencil holders are very simple to make. Here's what you need:
  • an empty soup can (please be careful not to cut yourself on it like I did. However, if you do, sprinkle some powdered cayenne pepper on it and it will stop the bleeding immediately!)
  • fun paper or a map
  • glue pen
  • double sided tape
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • felt
  • Elmer's glue

Start by measuring a round piece of felt for the inside of the can and glue it in with some Elmer's glue.

Then cut a piece of paper long and wide enough to cover the can. I used a piece of packing tape to secure one end of the paper to the can and then I put pieces of double sided tape along the outside of the can so that the paper would remain in place as I wrapped it around the can. I then secured it on the back with a skinny piece of packing tape.

I included a little extra paper on the width so that I could wrap the paper over the lid of the can and inside a little bit so that no one (else) would get cut. I secured the paper on the inside again, with packing tape.

After the paper was on, I chose a coordinating strip of paper to secure around the middle of the can just to add a little extra flare to it.

Our daughter was very happy with the finished product!
If you homeschool, I think something like this would be a fun little gift to give your child on the first day of school. (I'm not sure that it would work well in a regular classroom since students typically keep their pencils in a pencil box inside their desk.)

But, it would be a great teacher gift for the first day of school!

Whether you homeschool or not, what do you do to make that First Day of School extra special for your child?
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