The Benefits of Taking a Daily Probiotic

Although I believe there are several factors that contribute to a healthy immune system, I'm a huge believer in probiotics being one of those factors. Probiotics have kind of made a name for themselves over the last couple years as more and more people are realizing the positive impact they can have on one's digestive health, which then leads to an overall healthier immune system.
In fact, did you know that your gut is responsible for 70% of your immune system? After learning that, I made gut health a more primary focus in our family.
Probiotics can be found naturally in fermented foods (Check out Pickle Me Too for lots of recipes on tips on fermenting your own foods) and even in raw milk, but I sure do love the convenience and appealing taste of the Garden of Life's Raw Probiotics for Kids.
I am thrilled to have discovered them one day (I think because the probiotic I had been purchasing was out of stock.) It was a blessing in disguise to have our normal probiotic not available at the health food store that day because the kids and I hated the taste of it and most of the time I don't think it was even being fully consumed. It tasted awful so I mixed it in the kids' water, but then they weren't finishing their water and it was actually hugely limiting their water intake. Big no no.
With Raw Probiotics for Kids I just give each child (and myself actually!) the measured amount on a spoon and feed it to them. They LOVE it and would actually take more if I let them. What a blessing to now be able to give our kids the probiotics they need and not have a battle on my hands each time I give it to them.
The kids have taken this probiotic daily now for about 1 1/2-2 years and personally I think it has made a huge difference in their immune systems. My friend and I were talking recently and she said once she started giving her girls a daily probiotic she began to notice a difference as well.
After learning about probiotics, I knew I needed to make it a priority for our kids to get some because two out of our three children had been on antibiotics numerous times for ear infections. (Our youngest had his first round at about 2 weeks of age and went from there.) He had probably been on about 10 rounds of antibiotics before he turned one. Ugh. I now do things differently around here when it comes to ear infections, but prior to that, the intestinal damage had been done.
Although I regret that, there IS something that I can do about it thankfully and that is to help repopulate the good bacteria in our kids' intestines. And really, even if your child has never been on antibiotics before, yet eats or consumes non-organic milk, eggs, cheese or meat, they are getting a steady stream of antibiotics into their system. So, personally I think everyone should be on probiotics.
It has truly helped strengthen our children's immune systems and for that I am super grateful!
As I mentioned, my absolute favorite probiotics on the market are the Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Kids.  This probiotic is safe for children 3 months of age and older and contains 23 raw and organic fruits and vegetables and raw inulin, a prebiotic that supports probiotic growth. Your child will receive over 5 Billion live probiotic cells per daily serving and it is vegetarian, non-dairy and gluten free.
Probiotics are also very helpful in pregnancy and have been shown to "promote a healthy digestive system, benefit in treating irritable bowel syndrome and Crones disease, strengthen the immune system, treat urinary tract infections, help in the prevention and management of atopic dermatitis (eczema) in children and prevent food allergies in children." source
Do you use a daily probiotic?

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Catherine said...

I do believe that probiotics is really important to us. I do agree with you that's why I'm taking probiotics supplements daily.

charychild said...

I've been thinking I should give my girls probiotics, since I can't seem to convince them to eat yogurt at all. said...

Hope you can start! :)

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