A Purposeful Christmas

I know at this time of year you're probably being bombarded with lots of great ideas of how to make this Christmas the most wonderful yet.

But I'd like to encourage you to keep it simple, keep the focus on why we celebrate Christmas and simply just enjoy time with your family. It's okay if you don't make any ideas from Pinterest (I didn't!), if you don't get all the Christmas cards out on time (hey, it's fun to get those cards after Christmas, too, you know!), and if you don't make any fudge (your waistline will thank you!).

I am pretty sure the first Christmas was pretty simple after all. The main focus that night was about bringing the Savior into the world and if we remember that's what Christmas is about, I don't think we'll come away empty-hearted or depressed after the holidays.

It used to happen to me all the time--even as a kid. Once the high of all the presents was over it was kind of like, "Now what?". But the best way to keep depression at bay during this time of year is to keep the focus off ourselves and keep it on the Savior.  Guaranteed you won't feel depressed about that.

"See, God has come to save me. I will trust in Him and not be afraid. The LORD GOD is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation." Isaiah 12:2

And in light of that, as the last few days of 2012 wind down like an old-fashioned top making it's final spin, I'm going to take some time to be purposeful in my homemaking.

I'll be using the next couple weeks to spend extra time reading aloud to our children (take a peek here and here at what), playing with play dough with them, asking my husband and children what their favorite meal is and adding that to the meal plan, snuggling (thankfully all three of our kids love to snuggle--or "nuggle" as our youngest says), probably watching some more Anne of Green Gables with them and just looking to see if there is any small way I can bless these sweet people in my home. 

I for one know how easy it is to waste precious little snippets of time here and there on Facebook or Pinterest and I'm trying to do better about keeping those time snatchers in their rightful place and keeping the focus on my home.

But after my little blogging hiatus, I hope you'll join up with me on Purposeful Homemaking in 2013. You can look forward to posts on Cleaning Your Home with Essential Oils, Improving Your Indoor Air Quality, Why it's a Good Idea to Cut Back on Sugar, a Safe Sleep Blog Hop, hopefully the announcement of my new ebook, a new guest writer and possibly some more surprises up my sleeve.

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Viv Sluys said...

Beautiful post. I'm doing the same; more time with family, less on gifts that can be wrapped, low stress cooking...just a relaxed, Christ-centered, family season of joy :) said...

Sounds perfect! Enjoy your time! :)

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