There's a Birthday Around Here...

And it's mine. The event was confirmed by the grey hair I found yesterday and the fact that I could barely get out of bed this morning. However, I will attribute the latter to the fact that I am 7 weeks from my due date and we had an all day wedding event yesterday rather than old age. :) Here's hoping at least!

So, yes, today I am 34 years old and can't stop thinking of the many things I have to bless the Lord for. While there are 10,000 I'll start with 34 today....

A loving husband who follows the example of Christ and sacrifices on a daily basis on behalf of his family.

A strong-willed, thoughtful, generous son who turns 8 in a couple of weeks.

A beautiful, kind, compassionate daughter who is a ray of sunshine that blesses me over and over.

A loving, tender-hearted, compassionate little boy who loves to kiss me on the lips and tell me that I am "bootiful, jorgeous, and pitty".

A precious new little son moving and growing within me. He is fearfully and wonderfully made and I can't wait to hold him.

That I get to live within minutes of my parents.

God's love for me in spite of myself. He reached down and rescued our family from sin and darkness and for that I praise His name.

A beautiful, sunny day--that is a wonderful birthday present in and of itself because if you know me, I'm a bit "solar-powered" as my husband likes to call it. :)

A loving church family.

A wonderful prayer group that I belong to at church. This group has blessed me over and over as we lift each other up in prayer.

Sweet friends who help in time of need.

A home to live in.

Loving family.

A shower. Seriously. Most days I thank the Lord for the blessing of taking a shower. A large part of the world does not have the luxury of taking a shower and even if they have running water, a shower is sometimes not available.

My blog. Honestly, it has been more of a blessing than I ever thought it would be so thank you to all of you wonderful readers!

Food in the fridge.

Clothes on my back, in my closet, in the dryer and in baskets waiting to be put away. :)

A car large enough for our family of almost 6.

My essential oils--that might seem silly, but with the sinus infection and bronchitis and pregnancy aches and pains I've been dealing with I'm thankful for options like these that I can use!

That we homeschool. Although it may be tough at times I wouldn't trade it!

Infant Swimming Resource Lessons that God provided for our two younger kids.

God's Word.

The ability to read (thank you past teachers!).

That I can walk, breathe, talk, think, etc.

A comfortable bed to sleep in--with lots of pillows these days (another luxury that a lot of people in the world don't have.).


A husband who will run out and get me said food to beat the cravings! :) (oops, I just realized food showed up in 3 different blessings. Well, it's really important to a pregnant lady!)

The ability to capture memories of our family on our camera (Can you imagine if you didn't have a camera and could never take pictures of your children??).

Beautiful music.

A good doctor for this pregnancy.

Good chiropractors! (Another great thing to have during pregnancy).


A sweet little family that I love to be with more than anyone else (and that loves to be with me, too.)

God's incredible faithfulness to me for Thirty-Four Years!

Thanks for sharing in these blessings with me!

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