Blueberry Picking!

Can I tell you a secret? We have never been on a family vacation with just our little family. Sometimes this makes me feel sad, but I'm sure we're not the only ones. But you know what, we have a lot of traditions for our family that we turn into little day trips and they all involve picking and preserving fruit.
Each year we make an annual trek to a blueberry farm to pick the most amazing blueberries ever. They are so sweet and yummy! On the way to the blueberry farm, I always read Blueberries for Sal to the kids and then tease them later as they try to eat blueberries out of my bucket. Little Stinkers!

We have such a fun time picking and eating blueberries, and I of course like to take the annual picture at the blueberry and farm family photo op spots. We make a day of this because it's a little bit of a drive for us and, well, blueberry picking is long, tedious work, but so worth it! I pack a lunch for everyone because as you know, hard work always works up an appetite!

I was so proud of the kids this year, but especially our oldest. When I offered to take the younger three back to the playground for a break, he volunteered to stay with his dad making his total picking time three hours. In the hot sun. I'm so blessed that he's a hard worker just like his Daddy.

While we were there I saw this elderly couple, probably in their 70s, going to pick blueberries. It made me realize that I hope Adam and I still do things like this together even after the kids are grown and gone. If I'm still blogging then I'll be sure to tell you about it and include a picture! Ha ha!
So while we may not get to go on vacation together, we do make a lot of memories when we go pick our various fruits throughout the summer and fall. And I'm sure someday a family vacation with just our little pumpkins will come our way. We just have to be patient.
What simple family traditions do you have?
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