Lilla Rose {Review and Giveaway}

Guest Writer, Melanie {Lilla Rose Consultant}

My name is Melanie and I live on a small farm in the Midwest with my husband, 2 young girls, chickens, goats, ducks, mini donkeys, cats, and a dog.  I have very thick coarse below shoulder length hair. Summers are very hot here and I need to have my hair off the back of my neck, but my messy bun held with a pony tail holder just wasn’t working anymore.  My hair needed to be redone about every hour. My oldest daughter has very fine thin hair and her hair was coming out of everything every 30 minutes and just hanging in her eyes.  I have enough chores (inside and outside) to do without redoing hair all of time—much less getting a 4 year old to stay still long enough to re-do her hair for the 10th time.  That is when I fell in love with Lilla Rose.  Flexi clips stay in my hair and stay in my daughter’s hair.

My hair will stay up and in good shape for over 15 hours with flexi clips!! Before Lilla Rose products I was quickly redoing my hair when someone drove up un-expectantly and wondering when my hair was going to come out again.  Now I know that my hair will stay put. I still need to put my daughter’s hair back up a few times during the day since even flexi clips aren’t meant to stay in while standing on your head and rolling  on the floor!  

Lilla Rose products are some of the most beautiful and comfortable I’ve ever used (I’ve even taken a nap in a flexi clip). Flexi clips come in 7 different sizes, so there's one for every type of hair and every length of hair. There are flexi clips in many styles to suit every outfit and tons of ways that you can use them in your hair and even for non-hair use. I’m including a few “fancy” hairs style here so that you can see that Lilla Rose products are perfect for those dress-up occasions—both of little and big girls. 


And there are many styles of bobbin pins, You-pins, headbands, and badge clips. 

Check out for all of the items and styles.  I also update my facebook page with pictures of new products and many styles on a regular basis and will keep you updated on sales and specials. 


I'd also like to offer a Lilla Rose giveaway for a Purposeful Homemaking reader. The winner will receive an extra small flexi clip from my stock. The giveaway is open to US residents. Enter the Rafflecopter form below for a chance to win.

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Amanda said...

I would love to try the Flexi-O. I already love the Flexi but since I am in between sizes for a ponytail, they don't work in my hair if I just want a full ponytail!

Lori said...

Would you be willing to post a video on how you did your hair up fancy? It looks like a twist with the tails coming out the top and it's just lovely. I'd love to know how that was done. said...

Great idea Lori! I will check with Melanie. :)

Melanie said...

Lori, I assume that you are talking about the 3 photo. Am I right? This is not a picture of my hair :( This is a picture of a friend's hair and someone else did it for her. I'm working on getting her to do a tutorial for this look. I love it as well.

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